Amrit Sandhu, the acclaimed British Voice Artist, has garnered widespread recognition and accolades for his outstanding contributions to the field of voiceover. His remarkable talent has earned him impressive award nominations, showcasing his excellence across various categories.

Amrit’s exceptional talent has been acknowledged by renowned industry events such as the OneVoice Conference and VOX. The OneVoice Conference, led by the esteemed X-Factor voice artist Peter Dixon, has nominated Amrit for an astounding 7 voice awards across a diverse range of categories including Television Promo, Animation, Toys/Physical Games, Continuity, Outstanding Live Event Announcer (Voice of God), and Voiceover Newcomer of the Year.

In addition to the OneVoice Conference, Amrit has also received 3 nominations from the renowned VOX Awards. These nominations include recognition for his outstanding performances in Best Human Performance in Corporate Production, Best Human Performance in Animation, and Best Human Performance in E-Learning/Medical Narration.

The greatest accomplishment of all these honors is his decisive victory in the Best Human Performance in Corporate Production category in the recent VOX Awards 2023.. Amrit has distinguished himself in the competitive corporate media industry with his extraordinary talent and unwavering dedication to providing fascinating and real performances. His outstanding ability to represent the human experience in a corporate setting has earned him the rightful distinction of Best Human Performance in Corporate Production.

Having your voice-over work recorded by Amrit Sandhu is an assurance of quality and distinction. His extensive recognition in various categories reflects his technical proficiency and ability to infuse depth and character into every voice performance. Collaborating with Amrit means bringing expertise into your project, ensuring a standout and memorable result.