Some people believe that voice-over is just a hobby, or just recording yourself on a phone or computer, or an easy way to make money, but it’s far more than that and it isn’t as simple as it may appear. Just like any vocation, if you want to be the best in your field you need to have important qualities for you to stand -out and be successful.

If you are interested to be a voice-over talent, I will share with you the needed skills for voice-over, and remarkably it all started with the letter “C”.


In every career, there is a need for confidence. In voice-over, confidence is more important. Lack of confidence will be heard in your voice-over work it will cause you to stutter, mumble or sound not sincere and it will lead to poor outcomes which can immediately turn off potential clients. Voice-over talent gives voice to many different roles and they need to channel each character quickly to get the work effectively so you must sound believable by being confident, prepared, and showcasing your true strength as a voice-over.


Clarity is one of the most challenging skills that need to be mastered by a voice-over talent. You should be able to deliver every word and every sentence without mumbling, garbling, or stumbling over any words. The listener needs to be able to make out what you’re saying and the words spoken need to be clearly understood. To improve on this skill, you can hire a voice-acting coach to help you improve your articulation, pronunciation, and delivery. 


It is a fundamental and high-value skill in voice-over. You have to be consistent in all aspects of collaboration from articulation, availability, characterization, energy, pacing, timing, volume, and vocal quality. Voice-over talents are often asked to do multiple takes until they get the perfect result the client is looking for. When the voice is consistent, it sounds natural. The best voice-over talent can maintain the same clarity, emphasis, and tone regardless of how many takes. 


Voice-over talent should be in control of their voice. Without control, the voice-over will sound inconsistent and scattered. Control is achieved not by varying the volume of the voice but by applying the right intonation for certain phrases or words.


Voice-over talent should be connected with the character you are giving life with. Being connected and bringing to life your character is a must.  Voice-over talent can use different techniques to stay connected. You can use your hands to make points or gestures;  make facial expressions to convey emotion and use your body to physically interpret action into your voice.

If you want to be a voice-over, start working and improving on the above-mentioned skills. If you can do it, I’m pretty sure you will be successful in the voice-over industry.