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I’m on the Shortlist-One Voice Awards 2022

Nominated for Two Categories At One Voice Awards 2022

According to Jonas Salk “The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more”.

A few weeks ago, I was thrilled to know that I was included in the shortlist for One Voice Awards (UK) 2022 to be held this coming May in two categories: Television-Promo Best Overall Performance and Animation-Best Character Male Performance. 

Last year I was also nominated for four categories at One Voice Awards (UK) 2021: VoiceOver Newcomer of the Year, Outstanding Live Event Announcer, Continuity- Best Overall Performance, and Toys/Physical Games Best Overall Performance.

The One Voice Awards is an awards ceremony that celebrates talent in the voice industry at all levels. They will award excellence and perpetuate brilliant work whether it’s going on in front of the mic or behind it.

I’m in categories with some great voice-over talents so I have no idea how will I fair but being able to be nominated for a prestigious award that built credibility of its own through the years help us to be RECOGNIZED for our best work and  MOTIVATED to do our best and strive for excellence in every project that we do. 

Best of luck to all the nominees this year.