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How Voice-Overs Boost Your Business

Every business owner knows that marketing is a crucial aspect for any business to thrive. Owning a business without any marketing is like keeping a secret. You can have the best business around, but how will it grow if no one knows about it?

One of the most effective yet somewhat underused forms of marketing is voice-over marketing. Voice acting is a fantastic way to reach your current audience while expanding your market. To help you learn more, here is a comprehensive look at how voice-over marketing can help you and what strategies you can use.

How Are Voice-Over Marketing Strategies Effective?

The power of a voice should never be underestimated. Here are just a few examples of how powerful voice-overs are for your marketing strategies.

More Engaging

Pictures can convey a thousand words, but a voice can definitely amp it up a notch. Engaging your viewers in whatever way possible is crucial. The goal of marketing is to capture your audience’s attention, and a voice-over can do exactly that. 

Whether you use a strong message or the right tone to engage your audience, a voice-over can enhance the overall impact of your content. For instance, a moving speech from a loved leader can move the hearts of thousands. A good voice actor can create a similar effect through a voice-over. 

Adds More Depth

Visuals can intrigue viewers, but it can only do so much. If you want to add depth to your content, voice-overs are the way to go. A voice literally tells a story, even without pictures. A voice can convey a whole hoard of emotions.

An experienced voice artist can add the right amount of depth to your voice-over. Whether it would be story-telling, narration, etc., it can add the emotions that you want to show to your audience. A script is just a page with words, but a voice-over can portray the character you need.

Intrigues Audio Learners

Not everyone is a visual learner, meaning that they can only absorb so much information through their eyes. Some people find it harder to learn about things when they read, which is why some people tend to speak aloud while reading or read slowly.

A voice-over is great because it encourages your audience to really listen to what you have to say. Think of it like a conversation – you can’t really “skim over” what the other person is saying. 

Moreover, not all forms of media outreach will be visual. What if someone wants to leave you a voicemail? Or, what if you need a voice-over for announcements for a business event? Having voice-overs ready can help your business in a number of manners. 

How You Can Use Voice-Overs to Market Your Business

So now you know how voice-over can help you boost your business. Next, how do you utilize voice-overs in your marketing strategies? Here are some powerful ways voice-overs can help you market your business:


Commercials are a great way to capture your market’s attention, and your commercial can be on television or online. However, try to imagine a commercial without any audio, especially without a voice – pretty dull, right?

A talented voice actor will be able to create a voice-over in the appropriate style and tone, which can change the whole dynamic of your commercial. For instance, let’s say that you want your commercial to be informative and somewhat authoritative. The right voice actor will assert the proper tone and style to capture your audience’s attention and make them want to listen.

Radio Advertisements

The radio is purely audio, so you would need a great voice-over to really capture your listeners’ attention. The radio is far from being dead, as over 70 million people still listen to the radio every month. So, there is a whole load of people just waiting to hear about your company.

A ton of people just turn on their favorite radio station while they drive, and they are bound to hear an advertisement at one point. You can utilize this by asking a voice artist to do a voice-over for your advertisement, helping you reach a bigger audience. 

Website Content

The power of voice-overs does not stop wherever people are used to hearing voice-overs. You can take advantage of voice-overs by adding them to more unique places, like your website. Utilizing voice-overs in some of your web content can fully engage people who visit your website, effectively boosting your business.

You can make a website more engaging by adding video content with voice-overs to “guide” people through your business. For instance, you can add a video to your ‘About Us’ page for a story-telling vibe, where you showcase images/videos of your business with a voice actor narrating it all.

Another way you can use voice-overs in your website to help people learn more about your company is by creating content like “How Our Business Works.” Adding a voice-over to a video on your site with 

Business Presentations

Trying to deliver a business presentation on your own can be daunting. Trying to remember all your notes, making sure you are on time with the slides or video, trying not to stutter, etc. Luckily, you can skip all that worry by asking a voice artist to read a script for your presentation. 

The right voice actor can perfectly deliver your presentation, making it better for your audience to learn. With a prepared voice-over, the overall presentation delivery will be clean and precise. Your message will clearly be shown to your viewers, making your presentation more effective.

Video Training

If you want your customers to get to know more about your business, then you can offer them “training videos” to watch. As mentioned earlier, not everyone likes to learn through reading. So, combining visual with audio learning can be a great way to educate your customers.

For instance, let’s say that your business has a new product, but the instructions are unfamiliar. So, your customers may not know how to use your product, making them less tempted to buy it. To keep them interested, you can create a “step-by-step” video with a voice actor narrating the instructions of how to use it.

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