The Freelancer’s Guide To Survival: Business and Spirituality

Business is often seen as a very separate thing from spirituality. But let’s not forget, before we are business people, we are people.

In this episode, I explore the topic of Business and Spirituality and share examples.

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Episode nine. I’m laughing because I’m catching up. I’m catching up because last week I was delayed. And this week I know I won’t be because today is Saturday. My release is next Friday. So I’m ahead on schedule. Which is very good. This episode is called business and spirituality. If you’ve heard me ramble on for the last one or two seasons, you’ll probably hear that it’s not all about business, business, business. That’s not who I am. I am a spiritual person. We all are.  We are spirit in-person. Spirit in a body. It’s just, some of us are more aware of it and some of us are less aware of it. But I think everyone’s had an experience at some point or another where they have become aware of it, but what happens in our society, in this society, in the western world, in the business world, it’s disregarded often, you know? And it’s interesting because I see as I’m saying this thoughts in my mind are coming up where I’ve heard and seen people in the East, they seem to integrate spirituality with business practices, right. Whereas in the West we have become so hard-nosed and it’s like, they’re two separate entities. And I’m seeing, it’s nothing to do with, you know, where your ethnic origin is from. It’s more about where you are living now. So for example, I’ve seen Chinese corporations, they, you know, Japanese corporations, you know, the whole Feng Shui and they’ve integrated business into business and in their work and their careers. Right. In India, you get some people who are making business deals, they’ll speak to their abundance or spiritual people who then advise them. Actually give them business advice, people making business decisions based on this stuff. Is it aligned with the stars? So in the East, that’s kind of normal in the West, Oh my gosh, if you say anything like that, then your, you know, it’s your, your laughter. It’s crazy talk. But I’m seeing more of a growing movement in the West, where people who are practicing this stuff, are not afraid to announce it. You know, maybe it’s happening here, but maybe it’s happening under the shadows. Maybe people are just too scared to admit it. And this is the thing in the West. In the East. they wouldn’t be too scared, but in the West, for some reason, there’s fear. There’s fear about anything spiritual. I mean, we laugh at Jehovah’s witnesses, right? Oh, they’re coming, knocking on your door. We laugh at the Christians. Happy clappy Christians we call them. I was one once. We laugh at them. It’s a joke. Right? So it’s like spirituality has been kicked out of our careers. Of our business world. Of our lives. Maybe it’s there, but maybe we don’t integrate them and it’s hidden.

So what I wanted to do in this episode, and I’m pushed for time cause I have a meeting with somebody in less than an hour. So I wanted to, with this episode, really open your mind, maybe sow a seed, and say it’s okay. It’s okay to be spiritual. And I believe that when you are spiritual in your life, in your business, in your career, you can access powers. You can access peace. And your business will be better for it. You’ll be better for it. And let’s be honest. Why do I talk about business and spirituality? You know, these things, a lot of people are, I remember there was a belief that as people, you know, if you have a spiritual gift, you shouldn’t charge money for it. And it’s like, how dare you charge money for your spiritual gift. But money is a spiritual gift. Do you see it’s the currency of the world. And spiritual gift is a skill. A tool that if we can benefit somebody else and give them faith, and maybe they’re struggling with something and then they can change their mind, change their attitude and get through a difficult time, I don’t see any problem with paying somebody for spiritual gift for their time. That’s me saying, thank you. That’s me blessing them and saying thank you that I value you what you are giving. So I have no problem about that. Having said that I don’t see anyone. I don’t go to any kind of guru. Like for advice, I don’t. The reason I don’t is because, I mean, that’s not what I’m pushing him. I’m not saying go to somebody else. What I’m saying is go inside of yourself. You have all the answers, you have the gift. And once we connect to our spirituality, once we connect to our spirit self, then we can and gain insights that we just wouldn’t have had. We can see things around the corners. You know, we hear about this thing, about gut feeling, you know, it’s your body communicating to you. It’s telling you, no! Don’t! Be careful. Of course it could be fears. It could be things that you have been conditioned to learn and react in a certain way. Right. False fairs, for example. If you can discern a false fear from a kind of a warning sign, when your body’s warning you then you really can stare. I mean, nothing can defeat you if you know what I mean, nothing can overcome you. You’ll see success. You’ll steer through the tricky road. I know many people who do that. I mean, I’m an advocate. 

I’m going to share something. I remember, when I was younger, when I’ve been in a difficult situation, I’ve always believed in like a higher intelligence. I thought at the end of the day, if I’m here and, you know, if you made me this higher intelligence force that put the cells together, with a mixture of a sperm and an egg, and then grew me cell by cell, in a womb and I turned into who I am now, that intelligence, you know, when you tap into that, and when you realize that everything around you, every experience that you’re having, if it gave you life, it would give you the tools. It will give you the things you need to, to cope with whatever’s thrown at you. One step at a time. And it’s okay to fall. I was just reading a script today about, in schools we’re taught not to fail. We’re conditioned that mistakes are bad. Failure is bad. I’m going to flip that on its head. And I’m going to do an episode just on this. I’m going to say failure is good. Mistakes are good. They’re your best friend. They tell you what doesn’t work. And they help you grow. Don’t ever be afraid of making mistakes. Or failing. Don’t ever be afraid of failing.  You know, it comes down to whether you’re going to be successful is, you know, are you prepared to fail more than everyone else. Or rather, are you prepared to fail in order to find success?How many times do you prepare to fail in order to find success? How do you define success anyway? What is it? That’s your definition. I mean, it could be the dream house. We’re so conditioned in this capitalist world to have, right? I’m a sucker of it. Jesus. Oh, that dream house with a bloody football pitch in the back.A advert on the TV, they keep a radio that keeps going on for the lottery. You know, this whole dream, as if money can just solve all your problems and it can make your life wonderful. It will create more problems actually. Not to say money is bad, but I’m just saying that, unless you know how to handle money, winning the lottery is not going to solve anything. You have to learn how to handle money first. 

And that’s the only topic, but in this one it’s business and spirituality and I wanted to say that, you know, the first thing that you might be saying is that, you know what, Amrit, I am afraid. I’m afraid of losing clients. If they find out that I’m a spiritual person, you know, they’re probably gonna ditch me. And you know what, just take one step at a time. Look what I did this week, right? I saw Will Smith share a post about Sadhguru coming. Now Sadhguru if you don’t know him, he’s a Yogi. A very wise man. And yeah, there are all kinds of things about him on the internet, but if you listen to him, he’s nice. He’s not telling you to follow him. He’s saying, yeah, I’ve got some practices, you know. He’s not saying I’m your guru. But he’s wise and he gives good advice. And you know when you hear good advice. I’m not saying everything he says is right, that’s just impossible. Nobody like that exists. But you have to use your own discernment. But seeing Will Smith with the spiritual man, that’s wonderful. And it’s like, okay, you know, that’s my way in. I’m going to start talking about this stuff. Openly now. I was doing it anyway, but now is the first time I’m actually going to say, you know what, this is where I’m going. I’m not just a voice artist. I’m not just a business person. I’m a spiritual person as well. And I’m not afraid of that. That’s who I am. And that’s the beauty about, you know, being a freelancer. You don’t have to hide you. You can be exactly who you want to be. And you know, what will happen if a client, realistically clients will be like, they’ll be more intrigued I think. You’ll attract more people who can connect with you. We’re so liberal also in the Western world now, people aren’t so fearful of these things anymore. I think we’re at a time where changes are embraced. So you will attract more like-minded people the more real you are publicly about who you are as far as your business branding is concerned. And therefore, you’re a step closer to being real, attracting similar clients. Wouldn’t you like to work with clients who are on the same level as you? Well, there’s only one way to do it. Stop trying to be somebody else. Just be yourself. It doesn’t matter what you are. Just be yourself. So you are your brand and you have nothing to fear. Right.

And I would say humanize your brand. Yeah, this is the next point I want to make. Humanize your brand, right. What are we seeing? Right. I think there’s a real opportunity right now in the world. You know, every time a disaster happens, there are those who run for the hills and say, we’re going to die. It’s all finished. And there are those who say, what’s the advantage here? What does the world actually need? Not really an advantage. I wouldn’t say that. It’s easier to find a solution. If you see the problem. And once you’re aware of the problem, the problem is what happened guys? Everybody’s told to wear their masks and stay inside and not mixed with anyone. So what’s happening? You know, what’s happening? People are lonely. People are dehumanized. When they go out, they don’t see people’s faces. They see the masks. They don’t see the expressions. There’s a bit of eye movement, which people don’t do eye contact anyway. Right. Not in this part of the world. Look at the psychological effects here, guys. We are being increasingly dehumanized. Yes. Just look at it. Look at it. And yeah, on the cover of this illness, which is going to wipe the whole freaking human race, right? Yeah. If you look at the numbers of people dying from COVID, they’re fake, I’m sorry. The reason I say they’re fake is because they aren’t people who have died from COVID. What they’re reporting on and it’s all misreporting, they’re saying, Oh, if you had COVID and you got hit by a bus, then that’s a COVID death, but they don’t tell you that. The way they word it is 150 people died today had COVID. So they haven’t lied. They haven’t lied, have they? But what have they done? They’ve made you think a false truth. They’ve made you think that those people died of COVID. No, they didn’t. Right? It could be something else. And I even heard, there was a lady, she was saying, a sister-in-law died of cancer and the doctors wanted to put it down as COVID. So, I mean, what’s happening there is the fact that they couldn’t get regular treatment because the hospital was so busy treating COVID people who weren’t dying. Therefore she wasn’t tabled to get a cancer treatment. Therefore she died maybe a little bit sooner than she would have anyway. And then that’s the COVID death. I mean, that was what that doctor was probably thinking. Oh yeah, because strictly speaking, COVID effected that person because it’s just crazy right? It’s misreporting. Just be aware of that. 

So why am I saying this? The dehumanizing is happening. And the solution is the fact that you can, there’s no better time than to put your face on your brand, to put your realness there and not be afraid, right? The best time to do it is now. That’s why I like talking, sharing, being real, got nothing to hide and it’s wonderful actually living like this. And if anybody knows anyone who knows me, I’m the same. The way I’m talking to you is how I talk to my friends who come over,  who aren’t allowed to come over now right? But anyway, who used to come over.  So put your face on your brand. Talk about your real self. You’ll start doing business with people who like you. Who can connect with you. Your leads will go through the roof cause you’re making more content as well, if you’re being real. So don’t be afraid to make video content, to start talking. And you’ll get better over time. Don’t worry. You’ll get better at this. When I first started out, I was nervous. Naturally you could be nervous and you’d be like, Oh, in front. Oh. Um, um,. But that will get better over time. You’re just constantly used to, it’s like another show. And where you were struggling to speak for maybe two, three minutes or five minutes, you think how the heck? Then you won’t be able to shut up. You’ll be like me, you’re an hour later you’ll be still talking, but talking about good things. Talking about things that you love. Not being afraid to share it. So I encourage you guys to be your true self. Share your experiences. And I’m going to share one of mine because if you were saying, look, what can I share? What content? Just share your journey to tell us what happened this week. If it was a tough week, tell us, tell people, tell your audience.

To me this week was a tough week. Tough as in so busy. It’s like the opposite. You know, I’m trying to manage my time in terms of limiting the number of hours that I do voiceover with. Otherwise, it’s just you’re in the booth all day and it can get too much. And that’s where I feel at the moment. It’s a bit too much. Luckily I’ve got my orders done this week, so I’m up to date, just waiting for some revisions, but you know, it’s good. Money isn’t a problem. It’s not a problem. Work is getting done. It’s good. I just need to manage that time a little bit better and do the voiceovers within a smaller window, which will give me a better quality of life. A balanced life. So I can go out and I can do spirituality and meditate or whatever I want to do right? I joined a meditation group, a channeling group. There’s a guy called Dante Shanti Singh, who is a teacher in channeling and we’ve been doing some fun stuff recently. We’ve been channeling one-to-one. I did it three times. I was able to channel three times, no four times I’ve done it, able to channel four times. And really it channeling is something we do all the time anyway. Kind of, I guess I’m channeling now. It’s when our brain is working on a different frequency. The channeling that I’m doing then, I’m actually meditating first and somebody would then ask me a question. We do it in groups now. Somebody would ask me a question and then I’d connect to my guides and the guidance would then connect to that person’s guides. And then I would start giving them advice. I mean, one lady was in tears yesterday, beautiful person, a friend that I’ve made. This is all online and she was in tears, you know, with what was coming out, the advice that was coming out of me for her. She had trouble sleeping. So that’s kind of what I’ve been doing this week.

I told you, I have to wrap this up fast. I wanted to share a story about business and spirituality. And I wanted to say that sometimes in life, many times for me, whether I was at work, the other day for example, I remember I, I started working for a marketing company. A digital marketing company once. I got this job and my boss wanted me to code in a certain way, and I didn’t know how to do the things, the way he did. That’s not how I’d been taught. Well, that’s not how I’d learnt, but he wanted it done a specific way. And I was like, Oh, that’s a really long way of doing it, but okay, fine. But then of course you have to go through a learning curve and then he was getting frustrated. It was difficult. And I remember sometimes during the day it was so tough, I used to go on my computer and I was a coder right, and they wanted me to do something and I was like, It doesn’t work. Sometimes Microsoft just didn’t work. The coding, the code didn’t work the way it’s supposed to. It used to drive me potty. And I remember I was at the end of my tether, my boss had just come in and said, I’m going to give you a pay cut. She said, we’re going to have to reduce your wage because you’re not worth what we’ve agreed. And I was like, what?  Can you do that? We decided on a contract. Anyway, before this happened, I was in the toilet. You know, you hit stumbling blocks. And I was like, please, Intel, if you’re there, if something is there, help me because I am stuck. You brought me in this situation. You got me this job and helped me now. Help me get through this cause I can’t do this. I didn’t know what I’m doing. And the amount of times that’s happened to me, I’ve surrendered to some kind of higher being. Some kind of higher intelligence. Some kind of whether you want to call it an angel, a guide, a God, whatever. Right? This thing, this intelligence. Now listen to this, when I’ve done that and I’ve been on my literally knees begging like help me, I’m desperate. What I found, and this has happened for me. Okay. I found when I go into my desk, I’ve just stretched my fingers and tapped something random on the keyboard. And the problem has fixed itself within a few seconds. And I’m like, what? The amount of times that’s happened to me, it happened to me again this week. I was running a cable for another mic. I used two mic. I’ve actually got several likes. I’m a bit of a mic geek, but then I’m a voice artist so you can never have enough mics right? I was running another cable for my U87 mic because I’ve got TLM 103 as well. I mean, it took me ages to run this cable. I  run it through a pipe and through plastic using a plastic thing to pull it. And it’s like, five meter length, and it has to go through this. U bents  to U bents, and then there’s other cables and there’s getting stuck and I’m pulling it with this little plastic thin thing. And every time I’m pulling is digging into me, coming out as blisters on my skin. I was like a dog with bone. I was determined to get this done. I managed to finally get the cable through. In fact at that time I was stuck as well. And I was like, guides, please help me out. Who am I talking to? Guides, angels, or whoever angels, guides, higher selves helped me out. And then the cable within a few minutes came through. I could see that it was nearly there. I just needed another hard yank, came through, plugged everything in. And what happens is listen to the microphone and all I can hear is this horrible static. And I’m like, Oh my gosh. And bearing in mind, it took me a couple of hours to run this cable. Oh, I run the cable the wrong way as well. And I was like, I’m not pulling it again. I’m going to damage the cable. I might damage all the cables in there and then I won’t be able to do my job. So I got this adapter on both sides, so I didn’t need to switch the cable. And I was at the end of my tether when I heard the static, I was like, Oh my gosh. I felt like I just dropped to my knees and I was like, please just help me now. I can’t, I need your help. This is too much. 

And that’s when it happened. I heard it’s so clear. I heard the voice cause I’d been channeling and it was a similar channeling voice. Because when I was channeling, I heard from my guides and they said so clearly, it was telepathic, in my mind, and the words were Amrit, unplug everything. Cause I’d already rebooted my machine. Right? Close the applications, still could hear the static. Turn the music interfaces on and off, nothing. Still static. They said unplug everything from the audio interface. I did. And then I’ve plugged it in again. And I went back and I couldn’t hear anything. Then I checked the cables cause I plugged it in the wrong way and I went back and they were still telling me, even I walked off and they said, basically you were pulling that plastic string against the other cables and it was building static. Right? So the way to get rid of the static is unplug everything and replug it. I was like, thank you. And they were so calm and patient. And instantly, the problem was solved. That’s happened to me so many times. Sometimes we’re stuck in a difficult scenario and that we don’t have any way of controlling or getting out of, or changing or overcoming. And we’re stuck. We’re like desperate and we can’t think straight. So what do you do, guys? You just connect to your higher self. You connect to whatever you want to call. It doesn’t matter. It’s still part of you, but it’s the higher part of you, right? I was told in a channeling session that if you were going to describe this, I was given an excellent description of the higher part of us or the whole of us, and it was for the lady who was in tears. I was telling her through my guides and they were saying, and they showed me a dice. They said, look, the human form is like a dice. One side of the dice, right? Just one side of the dice, but we know the dice has eight sides. But you’re thinking that one side is, is all of you. That one side is just the human form of you in this body right now. There’s seven other sides. And then they said, actually, there’s just seven sides on an eight sided dice. Right. But really the dice, it can be cut as many sides at once. It has an infinite number of sides. And that’s you. So you’re a lot bigger than you realize than just in this human form. So you can reach out to your other self, your higher self at any time you want. And we often do that through this definition that we call God.  But what it is, it doesn’t matter how you do it, it’s you. It’s you connecting to the, the bigger part of you. And the best thing is it’s not just you there in that realm. There’s others. There’s other guides. And there’s an infinite number and they’ve got your back. They’ve got your back. So you don’t need to worry about anything. You just connect to these guys and if you ever do channeling, if you’re not sure, whether they’ve got your back, all you do is you ask them. Are you from the light or you have the light, right? And then the second thing you ask is, are you here to serve? That’s it, those two things are you of the light and are you here to serve? It’s like the way to look at it is you know, if you go on the street and you just talk to some random person, you have to use discernment, right? When you’re communicating to somebody. And you know that some people might try and steal things from you or take advantage of you. So we kind of go out there with almost like a hunch on our back and our barriers are up, right? It’s like, I don’t want to get mugged. I don’t want to get attacked. I don’t wanna get all this stuff when we go out. Right? I don’t want to get taken advantage of cause there are people like this in this world. We know there are. And it’s the same in the spiritual realm. Because they’re still people. Even the people are spirits in bodies. Right? But here they’re body lists. And so you’re able to connect to them, but you got to use discernment and you’ve got to do it with somebody who knows what they’re doing. That’s what I do. I have no problem learning about this.

I was told by a clairvoyant once and she said, Hey, you’re going to be on stage as a clairvoyant. You got a gift. I said I don’t want to be on stage. Would people be thinking about me? She goes, do this practice, once you’ve done that, then come back to me and I’ll teach you how to do clairvoyance. And I was like, Oh God. I don’t want all these things opened. But you know, you got to find your own path in things. You gotta do what works for you. And I was using discernment with her cause I was thinking she can take advantage of me or she won’t blah, blah, blah. I don’t want to be underneath anyone. I want to find my own path. Right?  And I did. I’ve found Dante Shanti Singh. I found my coaches and I’ve been like, these are my coaches. These are the guys I want in my life or in my team around me. And I will pay them for their time to learn from them. That’s the other thing I’ve realized, don’t be afraid to invest in yourself. You’ll be taking a massive shortcut by learning from somebody who’s already done it, and who can help steer you rather than trying to figure everything from ground zero. Right? 

So that was it. So have I kind of scared you off? Have I opened your mind? Have I given you hope, or fear? Nothing to fear guys, nothing to fear. We are bigger than we are. We are bigger. We are just seeing one side of the dice, right? We are much bigger than we are. Than we  believe we are. So there is so much more to this life. There is so much more to us and if you are not having time to go out, if you are missing company because of the COVID restrictions, then use this time to go inwards. It’s a gift. You don’t have to see anyone. Nobody has to come over to your house. You’ve got time now to go inside. Don’t spend all your time doing your work. Organize it and grow in all aspects of your life. But it’s a real gift to spend time with yourself now. Right? So do it. Use this gift guys. Use the gift of time that we’ve been given. And you’ll be better for it. It’s a wonderful place. Life is wonderful. And stay in that vibration. If there are things that you are struggling with, reach out to me. Reach out to me. I’ll help where I can. If anyone actually listens to this show. Hey, there it’s just me and you Choty. But there you go. Yeah, it’s wonderful. I’m going to try and string these words along until I get to the end of this music. 

Let’s see what else I can finish up here. Kava kava, have you heard of that? That’s one thing I learned today, it’s an alternative to alcohol. I’m going to wrap it up. Second song has kicked in. I’ve got a session like we might do channeling now. We might do all kinds of things. Light. Music and light sounds. It’s wonderful. I’ve met this new tribe of people and we’re reaching out to each other and getting to know each other and I’m sharing stuff with them direct to help them start their careers so then they’re not desperate for work and they can use their own skills to go in their own paths, because I know some are struggling with work. The COVID restrictions have affected them badly, so they’re just not sure how to pay their bills. It is a really horrible place to be, a difficult place. All right, I’m going to go. Until next time. Bye.