The Freelancer’s Guide To Survival: Healing the Past to Build a Better Future

In this episode I discuss how our past demons can still affect us. And more importantly, how to overcome them to build the future you desire.

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Okay, I’m back with another episode. Episode eight, season two. Welcome back. So much to catch up on. I apologize, I was a bit late this week. It’s voiceover business wise. It’s been really busy, actually. I’m totally blessed. And I’ve got some stuff to share on that side as well. One question is which order do I share in. I can tell you about the voice over stuff. I’ve been speaking to my coaches. I have two coaches, but I’ve actually taken a third one on, and that’s going to be the main topic today. But before I discuss that, the topic today is going to be healing the past to build a new future, a better future. But let me give you a quick update. Oh, I can leave that to the end.  I don’t know. Let’s see where this goes. All right let’s just talk about what my coaches were saying. 

So if you are into voiceover or if you’re wanting to start your own business and I’m not talking about big six foot, you know, massive businesses. This level is freelance. This level is creating a good retirement income. Most people are doing work that they don’t really enjoy that much. It’s just that it pays the bills. And I was there. I remember I’d got to a stage where I was earning good money and I’ve got friends who had the same. They earn good money and they can’t afford to leave the work. They can’t afford to leave those jobs and they know they have to put in the time. I’ve discussed this before. I won’t go over that again. But there’s a sense of the sensation of being trapped and the whole series was about empowering people. The whole purpose of this podcast is for me to share my journey and you can hear it along the way, and also to give insights and direction on how I have been steering the road, steering the tractor, whatever the expression is. I’ve just made that. But you know, making our way along this path, which isn’t as straightforward. I realized that with voiceover, I used to think that it’s all about hard work and it is with voiceover with any service that you want to provide. It’s about putting the time in, you know, working at it. And you know, there’s universal law, which is like, whatever you put in, you get out. Right. And we’ve seen that, we know that it was basic. But there is something that will distinguish one person from another. There’s going to be something that you’re good at. The chance is going to be something that you enjoy once you discover it, and if you start putting time and effort into it and start really, you know, working towards it, giving it attention, putting time into it, not worrying about, Ooh, it’s not going to work, but enjoying it, then you just never know what’s what’s in store for you. So it’s about exploring, giving yourself the time to explore what you’re good at. And that takes time. For me it was voiceover. I mean, I’ve been good at many things. And just as you will be, you’ll be good at many things, but it comes down to, what fits your life right now? You know, what fits well with you? We don’t just want to be slaves to wages. And I say to the guys who work with me, Choty, probably listening now, you know, you don’t want to be a slave to a wage. What you want to do is build a nice life. I have been so blessed talking about Choty. I’ve been so blessed to have him. He’s worked with me on another business as well, which wasn’t as successful as this. And he’s been so loyal. I couldn’t have asked for a better assistant and as soon as I realized I was making money in this field and I needed help, I just couldn’t wait to get him on board. So Choty, I just want to say, shout out to you. Thank you so much. I know you really do go the extra mile and you make this, what is this lonely journey bearable. I love what I do. I love the voices, but it can be lonely. You’re on your own a lot. So thank you, my brother. Thank you, my friend.

That’s the freelance stuff. But really what I was going to say is there’s going to be something you’re good at. I realize it’s not just hard work. You’ve got to have an interest at a minimum and you’ll have a natural inclination of what you’re good at. So when you combine those two, then you can find a career out of it just by copying other people. And don’t look at the obstacles. They’re part of your learning curve. You will overcome them in time. So that’s that. That’s for the freelancers, the entrepreneurs, the business dreamers who have a dream, a vision of starting their own stuff and having the freedom.Interestingly, and this is one of the reasons that I’m really adamant that the people that I work with, I want them equally to have a good life. I want them to have a balanced life and I want them to feel passionate about what they’re doing and enjoy it and get satisfaction from it. I just give them a bunch of to do things and I say, Hey, can you go away and do it? In your own time and these are the priorities, that’s it. Then you go ahead and do it. And when you get a good person, you hold onto them. Somebody that you connect with. And thank God I’ve gone through many people and I’ve found a couple of people who connect with me and help me run a business. And in return, we were all able to benefit and reap the rewards. 

So onto the actual topic. Healing the past to build a better future. This is something that I’ve been talking about in the last few episodes. It’s interesting how life, I mean, the answer’s always in front of us, but sometimes we can’t hear him. We can’t see them. You know that old at age, which says when the student is ready, the teacher appears, is so true. We literally see what we want to see. Two people can look at the same thing and see it differently. Hear the same quote and just have a different interpretation. And that’s the beauty and uniqueness of life, of each one of us.

My gosh, the orders keep coming in. Oh gosh. It’s like, give me a break. I just finished the ones. It’s such a blessing to be in this position. But when work comes in,  it’s like, I just want to do it, get out of the way, and you need to set an amount of energy to do it. And then more work comes in, more work comes in, and we work hard as marketers. Sometimes it will be nice to have a day off and just not worry. Not have anything to do. A quiet day. I’ve actually hit my month targets and it’s only the 21st, so I could literally do nothing for the rest of the 10 days. Of Course my clients won’t like that right? So I can either raise my prices or, but then risk having a quiet month next month. Let’s see. Slowly build momentum. We voiced artists, we use price as a way to control the flow of work. Otherwise it can just get too much because each job is like, okay, it doesn’t take long to do, but then you have revisions, you have corrections and all this stuff. And then it’s like, wow. You could literally spend the whole day in the booth, just standing and talking and that’s one of the reasons I haven’t been able to do this podcast. Slightly later than expected.  Today I was like, no, I’m just going to go ahead and do it. In fact, one of the things my coach has been saying is start arranging your times so that you have a life. Because otherwise we end up on the back end call of each job and it’s like, do it straight away. So it’s good to say, you know what? These are my work hours. If it doesn’t happen, then I’m going to do it the next day. Which is a good way to have some breathing space.

All right. Let’s get back to the topic, which is healing the past to build a better future. And how do I do that? So I did mention, if you’re anything like me and I understand, obviously not everybody is like this. My wife isn’t like this, but if you’re anything like me, then you end up having sometimes memories, demons from the past, we call them and you relive a moment, a scene, a scenario, which you had pain from, and it comes back again on repeat. In your mind and you experienced those things again and again. And I remember hearing, Oh my gosh I thought just came to my mind and it was quite horrific actually. Listened to a lady on the news and she was explaining why she didn’t want to wear a COVID mask. She had basically been raped and the guy had covered her mouth and stuff. Maybe he was wearing a mask, I don’t know, but basically it causes so much trauma in her, when she wears a mask again. tThose anxieties, those feelings came back. So she was like, I’m exempt. I don’t have to wear this. I can’t wear this. I freeze. I freak out. Right. And really that’s a typical example of a demon. I mean, it’s horrific. To be raped is horrific. Any kind of abuse is horrible. Right. I’ve had physical abuse. I had a friend, I mentioned a few episodes ago. I had a friend who was a supposed friend at school, who on the last day of college, he knocked my glasses over, pushed me over a wall. So I couldn’t see, I couldn’t walk around in case I stepped on my glasses and broke them. So I was blind and immobile and he just started throwing these punches on my face. And luckily he didn’t know how to punch. I had no marks, not even a scratch or a bruise on my face. Nobody had any idea. But it was humiliating. This was done at lunchtime, so everybody was outside and you know, even though I’ve chatted to him on messenger and I brought this up and I forgave him and little, did he know at the time he was helping me knocking some sense into me. Not because of what he was doing, what he did was totally wrong, but it was like, I interpreted it as life knocking some sense into me because I was with the wrong crowd. Clearly this was not a good person to be around. Somebody just starts punching you. And I’d spent the whole year with them drinking and doing up to no good at school, missing college classes just to hang out and drink with him during the day. And it wasn’t good. So for me, it was like, okay, it’s a lesson. I need to put my head down and get back to changing my life, change my ways, where am I headed? And that was when I was 18 I guess. Still get haunted by those thoughts, but those dreams. They’re not dreams. They’re visions I guess, their memories really. But it’s like I was there and it’s humiliating and I feel anxious and angry and angry at myself for not defending myself and not, you know, all these emotions come to you. And I’m like, no, I forgive you. I forgive you. And what I realized recently, I had a session done, which is I’m going to tell you about this after, but it was called the channeling session. Channeling is when you can connect, you can get to a meditative state and connect to a being. A higher being. It could be low being as well outside of you. I did my session just yesterday. I’ve been practicing channeling. It’s been on my mind to do this and you know, you can tap into any frequency, any person alive or dead. Well they’re not dead but alive or moved on. And you can hear from them. You can actually communicate with them.

So, I know it sounds unbelievable, but I’ve done this in many forms through hypnotherapy, and I’ve been able to repeat this. Through channeling now. So, those are the two ways, but you can even do it. We do it naturally. Actually we channel naturally, through our thoughts. Now what this guy said, there’s a third coach that I have. A guru you can call him. The guy called Dante Shanti Singh. Really nice guy. And he’s teaching me channeling. He’s teaching a group of us about 20 of us, it all online. And I was able to channel. I’ve paid him an extra service to go one-on-one with him. And yesterday we did a one-on-one session outside of the group, and I ended up connecting to his guides. And his guides are well, what is known as the Pleiadian council. You can Google it. And they belong to another star system. And you can communicate with them through your brain, through meditation, and you can hear from them. It’s like the brain, what I realized, it’s like a radio frequency. If you tune it the right way, then you can receive signals. You can receive communications. And if you open yourself at the same time, you’ve got to protect yourself. And what they’re saying is that you connect to the earth first and ground yourself, and then you connect to the center of the universe, through your crown chakra, through your head and just be open. And literally you just send out the signal to say, Hey, I’m, I’m open to connect to my guides for example. But you’ve got to vet your guides cause you don’t know who you’re bringing in. And then you vet them by saying, are you from the light or you of the light,right? Something like that. I need the words. All right. I’ll confirm that in another episode. Don’t go doing this yourself. Then the other thing that you checked them, you asked them, are you here to serve? Because they might have different entities, might have different objectives. So you don’t want somebody hijacking you and start controlling you. So you’ll be able to feel if it’s good or not. The entities, the good ones will never tell you what to do. They’ll never control. It will be like, well, it’s your choice. So that was the thing I was going to tell you later. I just told you now. One of the questions I asked cause I was speaking to my wife and I was like, you know, all my memories are bad. I always remember the bad things. I don’t know if you guys are like this. It’s like, Oh my gosh, always the pain. It’s like, I’ve got so much anger inside of me that it’s like, well, I’ve got a good life, but you know, there’ve been some challenging things which I haven’t been able to overcome. So that’s what this episode is about. He said that,everything is happening now. We live in this eternal moment of now that mankind has created this concept of time. We live in a place where there is time, but really if you think about it, everything is just happening now. You can’t go to the past. You can’t go to the future. Everything is happening now. But I think what they’re saying is because time was actually created when the universe was created, when there was expansion of the universe, it took time to get from one place to another. Right. Whereas before that, everything was unified. One point. And what they’re saying is in the spiritual realm, time does not exist because matter does not exist in the spiritual realm. So that outside of these confines of time. And what we can do is communicate with these guys. So I’m still being haunted by the past for example. The past is alive in the present within this consciousness, within our consciousness. So he basically said you can meet the younger version of yourself, right. And you can explore their needs and you can console them. As soon as he told me this, it was like in my stomach, it felt a sense of relief. It was like, yeah, that’s good. Now that’s one thing I’d advise you guys get in touch with your body, start noticing what you’re feeling, you know, where are you feeling? Is it your stomach? Start trusting your body because your body knows a lot more than you realize. Right. Once you start getting in touch with your body connection with it, then you will enhance your extra sensory perception. Right? You’ll get clear vision or clear voice and it’s not hibigibi. It’s not like supernatural or it’s regarded as supernatural, but it’s completely natural. You know, so we all have these abilities and it’s about tapping into them.

So, healing the past to build a better future. What I realized is I could go back to my past and replay that event. And all I was ever thinking about when I’ve done this in the past was about forgiving the other guy. But guys, it’s not about the other people. It’s not about forgiving them. It’s about consoling yourself. You’re your past. I was the scared 18 year old boy who just got attacked. I felt so alone. My sisters were at uni away. I didn’t have anyone. I was alone. My parents had a shop. I had to help out in the shops. You know, we were in a new area. It was tough. I didn’t have any friends. I was desperate to make friends. And I made friends with the wrong people. With idiots. When you’re desperate, then unfortunately you attract the wrong kind of people or you can do. And that’s what happened to me as a teenager. And I can now go back and console that young boy that I was, wrap my arms around him and give him a big hug and lift him up. He’s just been knocked. And I’ll say to him, you know what, you are good enough. You’re better than these people. You’re better than this idiot. And he’s taught you a valuable lesson, not to hang around with assholes. You don’t need them. And when I do that, I’m healing myself and I changed the past. I mean, I’m feeling it now in my heart. I’m feeling release, tremendous release. It’s like, finally I can trust. I can let go. Doesn’t matter about the other guy. It was about me. It always is about me. Your life is about you. It’s always about you. And until we heal ourselves, we can’t change anything. We can’t help others. We can try our best, but we’ll hit stumbling blocks. And it’s about healing yourself. It’s about going back to your younger self. And wrapping your arms around him and just saying, I love you. It’s okay. You’re going to be fine. You’re going to get through this. Things will get better. Your whole life is going to change from this point onwards because I’m here for you. Because your future self is here. And, you know, even though I was on my own. I had the sense to not, I had other friends who were ready to batter this guy and started a fight and I stopped him. I said, no, don’t do that. Not for me. I’m not going to allow that because there’ll be no end to this because next time he’ll have his friends around and there’s no end. He did what he needed to. It ends with me. I’m big enough to take that humiliation and big enough I’ll get through this. And I did. And I also knew I embraced it. I embraced the pressure he gave the humiliation he gave. It was a gift of humiliation. And because I interpreted it as a gift of humiliation, it helped me at the time. But at the same time, the doubts, the fact that I felt that I had to be the bigger person to turn the other cheek about that side. I felt like I’d let myself down. And that haunted me for years and it has done for nearly three decades until yesterday. And I feel the release. I feel the peace in my heart. The other guy didn’t know what he was doing. He had no idea. If he realized how much it would have hurt me, he would never have done it. He did what he thought was, right. That’s what he thought that it’s okay to hit someone and humiliate them. He thought he was helping me by teaching me a lesson. But the lesson I learned was very different to the one he was teaching me. 

I want to thank him. I want to thank him for his involvement. And I want to release the contract, I guess, that he had with me to play that role, to play that part. He taught me a valuable lesson. It’s taken me a while to learn this. And it’s now made me excited about what else will haunt me, what else will come up? Because now I’ve got a new tool, a new way of dealing with it, and it’s exciting, guys. It’s liberating. And it’s like, you can heal yourself. Hypnosis is done this way. I do hypnosis and it’s tremendously liberating, but you can do it yourself. You go to the past, you replay the event, you feel the pain, you feel the hurt, you let the emotions come and then you embrace yourself. You listen to yourself, you hug yourself, you be your best friend and you console that younger version of yourself. There’s tremendous healing in that. And it’s gorgeous. You don’t need any drugs. You don’t need any hypnotherapy or psychology or psychiatrist or other therapy. You do it yourself and you will end up much better for it. And when we start doing that, we free ourselves to build a new future, to build new memories. Your whole way of looking at that has now changed, and it will no longer haunt you ever again. You’re free. And if it comes up again, it means you haven’t dealt with it properly. You just gotta keep digging and knowing what to do. What’s hurting. Find the core of it, get to the root of the feeling. So another thing that Dante said, that the Pleiadian council said was that you find the belief system. That’s at the core. So maybe the belief system was that I am not worthy of love. So what you do is you tackle it on straight with an opposite, and you say to your younger self, I am worthy of love. You are worthy of love. Or maybe it’s, I’m not good enough. And it’s like, no, no, no, you are good enough. You say that to yourself. And you can give yourself examples of in the future of what you’ve done. Hang on, you’ve done all this stuff, you know, you are good enough. So, in this way, we can start taking steps to healing the future, one pain at a time. One demon at a time. And it makes a way for a happier you. It’s just so wonderful to be able to have this, to be able to be like this and it’s freeing. I feel like I’ve been in some kind of healing session. Something shifted inside of me. And yeah, I’m the same person. I don’t know. But I’m a new person at the same time. I’m a new version of me. And when we do that, when we heal the past, then we can be excited about the future because then we’re not looking back anymore and trying to avoid painful scenarios because we’ve overcome the pain. Those things can no longer hurt us. We’ve learned to deal with them. We’ve matured. And then we can take on new challenges and more importantly, we can help others just like I’m doing now. 

If you’re listening to this, I hope you can connect to it. Chances are this message was for you. That’s why it came to me. And this is why I know I’m going to start growing tremendously from making this podcast. This is just an example. That’s one thing that I was struggling with, that I spoke about. I was brave enough to speak about it and you know what? Life, the universe, my intelligence, my guides, my highest souls, whatever we want to call them, because I was brave enough to face this publicly, I was given the answer. I was ready for the answer. Maybe it was the fact that I spoke about this out loud. Maybe it didn’t even need to be on a podcast. Maybe it was just me saying it to me. And then me giving myself the solution. So as you know, I believe that we are not just atoms and DNA and consciousness in a body or rather just transient, intelligent beings in a body. No, there’s much more to us. We are fully blown consciousness. And actually what I’ve come to realize is that only one version of us is in this body. We’re multidimensional beings. We exist on many planes at the same time. And if you look at one example I’d like to give, you know, if those people who read the Bible, for example or Christ fans. I’m a bit of a fan of Christ. I had some experiences with them many years ago. I’m not a churchgoer, but I do connect with Christ. One of the things he said was, he was telling us how to pray, right. It’s like the prayer of supplication and the prayer wasn’t reciting some words, like hypnotic words in a trance. The prayer was simple. I loved it. It was asked and you shall receive. Ask knowing that it’s already been done. Ask knowing that it’s already been done and then your prayer becomes a prayer of supplication, of thanks, of it already having happened. And you’re just bringing it into your alignment. Into your reality. And it’s like the way I see it is the universe, the multi-verse, all of the possible choices out there. It’s like going on a jukebox. The jukebox has many records, right? And it’s like, Hey, I’ll just have that one. And you’re pulling in. Now it needs to be vibrationally aligned to what you really do believe and where you are now. So I’m not saying like you can end up pulling the one where you’re a King overnight. Like today your you, and then tomorrow you’re in a palace because you chose that. I’ve not heard of anyone that happens that fast although there is something called the lottery, who knows. But it’s more of changing the way you see the universe, the world, creation, physics, and realizing that you can influence it. You can affect it by changing how you see things and what you align with vibrationally. And working towards those things. If you are really aligned with things, you know, if you’re like, Hey, I want to be a runner. I wanted to do a 26 mile marathon. If you really believe that, then you’d start running.It’s  not going to happen when you’re sitting at home. So whereas if you’re like, yeah, I believe it. No, you don’t really believe it. You’re just sitting on a sofa and you’re wishing. What you are doing is believing you’re a guy who wishes that, that you’re a runner. There is only one way to conquer a marathon, it’s by running. And so when we do that, we align ourselves and we make choices. We make different choices, like OK now I’m going to start running. And then what do you do? You change your habits. And you’re like, okay, well, I’m going to start allocating, I dunno, 10 minute run a day. And then you slowly increase it to 20 minutes and slowly increase it to an hour. Suddenly you’ve lost, I dunno, 10 kg, right? Trimmed your fat waist. And then you’re happy where you want it to be. So you’ve aligned yourself with that. But I think there’s more than just that, more than just work. It’s a whole the way you see things. Self image is a big thing and that’s what this episode is about healing the past. It’s about understanding how you see yourself. How do you see yourself? If you have a negative stance, then you need to address those things. The sooner you do the sooner you can experience real change. So, for example, right now I have a slightly negative stance on voiceover work. I’ll be honest. Like I started the show, it was like, Oh gosh, I’ve got another load of work to do. I just want to relax and chill and hide under my active duty. We’ll just have a Netflix binge or something like that, just to chill out. And you know, if I look at my queue, I’ve got three jobs in it, I’m going to do them tomorrow. You know, I don’t need to worry. I might do one today. I don’t know. This is the thing you get into that it’s like, it doesn’t even take long. It’s like five minutes. Of course nothing’s five minutes. Actually this one’s 30 seconds. 30 second script and he needs to accept my commercial rights fees and all that stuff before I do his work.

Let me give you an update. Wow. Let me make some notes before I forget. X factor. Why am I writing down X factor? You will find out shortly. What else? Oh yeah. The commercial right thing. Right? Let me start with the commercial rights thing and then I’ll tell you the juicy stuff after the commercial rights. So I had a client from India. I put an order through and he’s like, Oh, we don’t need commercial rights.We don’t need them. We’re not paying for it. No, if you want me to read a script for your business, that’s your commercial rights. No, no, no, we don’t need them. And by the way, this is the first time we’re hearing about it. So what did I do? I said, actually, it’s on my order form. It’s a way where I have my gig and then it’s like, on the frequently asked questions. And then just before you submit the requirements, well, on the requirements list where you put the work in, so I’ve got it. And I sent him some screenshots and I was like, this is that, and I just said, look, just cancel the order. And suddenly he’s like, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, no. It’s okay. We’ll do the commercial rights. Yeah, of course you will. I’m not going to accept anything else. But the point is before I would have done that kind of work without blinking, without thinking, you know, without commercial rights and, you know, that was like 50% of the order.So my advice is, you know, if you’re having a quiet week, fine, you don’t mind doing something at a slightly cheaper rate, but the problem is as soon as people start asking for discounts, you know, they’re going to try and milk you. I had another client from Nigeria, nice guy. And it was like they were producing a building tower. I did the script for him already. And then he was like, great. We want to do this. Basically it was a 200 script and then he changed it to a 600 word script after I’d done the work. And I was like, no, no, no this is a whole new script. You need to put a new order in and it’s time sync, which takes more time because it needs to be set in a certain amount of time and it takes time to get that right. I said, this is the price. Great. I’ll do it. And that’s what I realized you just gotta say, great, I’ll do it. Yeah, sure. No problems. Here’s my price. You don’t need to start arguing with clients. And you know, nine times out of 10, they’ll be like, yeah. And if they say no, then it’s great. I say Okay that’s my price. That’s the best I can do. I’m a full-time person, so, you know, whenever you’re ready. Thank you very much. Right. So that’s my stance now. You have to know when to turn away a bad client. That is as important as taking on another, as getting clients, you have to know when to turn them away because those guys, a bad client will take up all your time.

So the X factor. The X factor apparently I’ve got it. Well, okay. Let me tell you. A guy reached out to me. I remember I was saying a few weeks ago that I’m going to be starting doing these bedtime stories, I think for an app. Well he reached out to me ,I sent him some recordings and he was like, Amrit there’s something wrong with your recording, there’s something not right with your space? I was like okay come over. I’m thinking everyone else seems to be fine with that. What was going on here? I said, just come over, do what you need to and we’ll work it out. So he came over to my house. This is before the whole lockdown police trying to arrest me. Before the tier two locked down in London. And he spent some time and he spent a few hours and we went through what we needed to, and I had a really nice time with him. And it was like he was a sound expert and I was just loving it. So excited! Anyway, it turns out he’s the boss. He was the boss of the business. Nice guy. Lithuanian. Actually he does music. I was like, Oh, he goes actually I’m a producer, a music producer and I am quite famous and quite a big deal in Lithuania. I thought really? Okay. And I searched him up afterwards and he was. And then he said to me, that he’s an X-Factor producer. He lives a couple of doors away from Simon Cowell and Robbie Williams. Can you believe it? And he came over to my house. And he said we listened to 700 voices. 700 voices. And we shortlisted eight people. And you’re one of those eight. How’s that? And when he told me this initially, his other colleague told me, I was like, okay, that’s a lot. Well, then he told me, he’s an X-Factor producer I was like, wow. And then I listened to the stuff he sent me and it sounded amazing. I mean, these guys know how to master their stuff. But the reason he needed to sound so intimate was because it was a bedtime story for grownups that I’m going to be reading for him for his app. And I get to introduce myself. So it’s exciting that, you know, it’s just such a privilege. It’s an honor to be part of this. And he did say to me, he’s gonna give me, he’s asked me this week. So I’ve done one script. He wants me to do another couple this week. But it’s wonderful, wonderful, wonderful blessings, blessings, blessings. And, and it made me realize that, you know there is a bit more to this than I realized. It’s not just a work ethic. You need to find your money voice. You need to find what people are willing to pay you money for when you’re talking, for example, in voiceover or whatever skill you’re offering. And once we do that, then you just tell people about it, sharing, reach out to businesses and let them know. Usually agencies. And sign up on every freelance site that you can and you’ll do it that way. Well, okay. So that’s what I wanted to share. It’s been a good week.

What’s happening in London, tier two lockdown, which means that we are not allowed to see anyone. Not allowed to socialize. You know, it’s becoming like a prison. It’s like, we’ve been imprisoned in our own homes, but you can go out, but you can’t meet anyone. And you know, the funny thing is, like the numbers are just, they’re misreporting this. Say that you had COVID, you were then run over by a bus and you’ll be announced as a COVID death. You’ll be added to that figure, the COVID figure. And it’s like, hang on. That’s blatant false reporting. And they’re talking about fake news there. They’re producing fake news. That is fake news. That’s on the BBC. That’s on the national government stats. What the heck? You can’t misreport like that. And then I hear there’s a drug that was banned in March just before COVID came up. I’ve forgotten the name. Doctors were prescribing this illegally actually, and their patients were surviving. COVID and that drug has been around for like 20 years. No problems. It’s cheap, it’s around. And suddenly they made it illegal just before this COVID stuff. So something’s happening guys. Something is not right. And, you know, start asking the questions, start doing the research and notice if I try and search for that drug online on YouTube, on Google, it doesn’t exist. It used to. So even the search engines are, it’s very easy to control this stuff, you know, to switch off what we can see. So we’re being manipulated guys, you know, And we are being manipulated. But on the plus side, just know that regardless of what manipulation they’re doing, it’s going to serve us in the long run. There was a book called Ra The Law of One and it’s by a gentleman who started channeling an entity called RA and Ra talks about evolution of a species of a planet. And he talks about all planets, they start a first density where there’s just rocks and stuff, and then it works up to, you know, organic matter. And then eventually third density, which is transient matters, with consciousness. So self-aware species. But there’s still separation at that point, or we don’t see, everyone has one. And now we’re at a pivotal time where we are about to go through an essential process, uh, which we’re headed to fifth density which is eventually we’re going to see all of ourselves as one. So you listening to me will be able to connect to me and we’ll see the oneness in ourselves. When we do that as a society, we’re going to change our values because, you know, nobody will let homelessness exist then because it’s happening to us. It’s happening to me. That person is homeless, and I’m also seeing the oneness in everything. The sense of ownership will disappear because it belongs to everybody it’s here to serve all. Whereas we’ve obviously on this planet, divided things into little sections, little bits of land and said, this is mine and paying a lifetime to pay it. That’s the way it happens here. So we’re headed for that. So regardless of, of people trying to manipulate us Ascension is going to happen. Just remain 51% positive. Be positive. Deal with your demons. Be happy, use love with everything that you do. Embrace it and embrace life, embrace the challenges. Yeah. Whatever you’re going through, know that it’s there to serve you. Everything is there to serve you. 

Right? Choty is gonna love this one. It’s over an hour long and he is insistent on, actually, he listens to it and then he transcribes it and then fixes the transcribes. So thanks for doing that. I appreciate all you do Choty. That’s me done for this week. I’m going to go. I’m going to relax now. I can do with the rest. And if you enjoy the show, tell other people about it and share it. Much appreciated. If you want to shout or discuss anything,then let me know I can cover those points. So yeah enjoy guys. Until next week. God bless. Bye.