The Freelancer’s Guide To Survival: Doing The Difficult Things And Why I Left All My Whatsapp Groups

In this episode I discuss dealing with the difficult things in business. As a business owner and as a human, we have to make difficult decisions and knowing how and when to make these is essential for your growth and survival.

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And welcome back for episode five, season two. This one I’ve titled “Why I left All My WhatsApp Groups”. Yep, I did that recently. Well, in this episode I’m going to discuss why I did that and sometimes we have to make some difficult decisions as a business owner. I was going to do an episode about you don’t need to be mean to be in business because, you know, we see the Alan sugar’s, the Donald Trump’s, the Dragon’s Den, the shark tanks and these guys are generally miserable. They’re mean. You can see them sitting on their high horses, generally Right? And the poor person who’s trying to convince them to part with their money, he gets annihilated. And it’s like, I mean, in the UK, they call it Dragon’s Den, in the US they call it Shark Tank. And I can’t stand that kind of stuff. I mean, I love the business side. I used to love watching it because people come up with ideas. Sometimes they’ve put some time and effort and it is good. The Dragons asked hard questions, but the way they edit this, it’s like, there’s nothing more important in life than business. And I’m sorry, I totally disagree with that viewpoint. I totally disagree with that. 

There are many things in life far more important than business. Business is just a tool, a device, a process to earn money. And in fact, there’s many more things in life more important than money, your health, for example. You know, breathing clean air. There’s so many things. So there is this thing about these hard nosed business people. And believe me, I’ve been raised with many successful business people. And yeah, they can be serious and turn it on. But you don’t need to be mean to be a good business person. You don’t need to have that persona and to be honest, it doesn’t work. Look what Ellen DeGeneres or whatever her name was, she was very successful in her shows, you know, the shit hit the fan recently with her. And it turned out that she was mean. She was mean so much and she was just putting this persona on in her show. She was mean throughout her life. Even when she was young, somebody who worked for her mom or she, you know, she used to come in as a kid just taunting that person saying you’re fat, which is being mean. Yet she puts on this lovely persona, like she’s whiter than white right? But the truth comes out. 

So you got to think to yourself, that, you know, what kind of business do you want? What kind of atmosphere are you creating? How are you influencing the next generation of business owners? And it’s not about being serious. It’s not about being mean. It’s about having fun. Life is there to be lived. Having said all of that, there are times where you do need to,  It’s difficult to pin this one down, because this life is complicated. There’s not one answer for all, you know, this is the method, right? But there are times you have to make difficult decisions. And how do you steer yourself and make sure that you’re on the right path? How do you stop yourself from swaying as a business owner when all eyes are on you? It stops with you, it’s your business, it’s your name on the business on the brand. Right? So what do you do? 

Well, what I do is, I have a person I speak to, a coach, I have got a couple of coaches actually. And then I’ve got these brand values. And right at the top is joy. Do what you do with joy, happiness and laughter. And you know why I put that as number one? I put that on my blackboard, so that I can see it and be reminded of it. Because if we’re not having joy in what we do, what’s the point of doing it? And joy is a reaction. It’s nothing to do with external circumstances. Nothing to do with how much money you’re earning. You can earn 10 times what you really need to and you will throughout your life, you’ll learn way more than you ever will need, then you can spend, right? If you’re saving, if you’re I mean, how much can you spend. And if you’re smart, then then you know, and you’re not putting all your money to rent or things like that, if you’re smart, you’ve purchased your home, you’re gonna end up in your work, you’re gonna make a lot of money throughout your life. It’s an infinite amount of money, but it’s not the money that will, you know, having extra zeros in your bank account, that’s not gonna make you happy, it’s not going to give you joy, right? If it does, it’s a short lift. And believe me, I’ve earned more money now recently through this thing than I have in a long time. And eventually, like, wow, this is my goal. We start chasing goals. And it’s like, well this is my goal. And then what am I gonna, you know, you work towards it. And then you hit the goal, and then reset it and you push the goal even further, and you hit that and then it’s like, what do you do now? Well, you expand the goal. You keep going round and round in circles. And where’s the end? You know, what kind of life are you trying to create? 

If you’re not having fun chasing the goal, then I suggest you stop, stop it. Stop that right now. Don’t go down that path. Reassess where you’re headed? Because there are some businesses, you know, you can have an easier life. And you got to reassess. How much money do you actually need to live off? Maybe you need to change some habits. I don’t know if you smoke 10 a day, 20 a day, maybe stop, right? Go for a walk instead, start meditating, start breathing. Instead of just smoking. Just take deep breaths. But there’s many things you can do. Right? My thing was that you don’t need to be mean, but you can create the life that you want and don’t just chase. My point is don’t just chase the money because you’re going to hit those targets and you’re going to be left feeling with a really empty feeling. I mean, we see this with artists like Michael Jackson, you know they wanted fame, they wanted money and they had it. Or other artists and it’s like, their lives are eventually empty. I remember there was a documentary with Michael Jackson and he was just walking into Harrods buying million pounds of statues and just things like that, you know. And it was like, money will lose its sense of value. So make sure that you know what you’re where you’re headed. Now that was a side note, a build up to where we headed. Because we need to make difficult decisions as business owners. And there’s a saying, I heard this guy called Capital Hilton, I think his name was he got the same from a guy called Napoleon Hill. Okay, so this is like, seconds or thirds translations of this saying, but what he said was, life is like a checkerboard and the player that you’re up against is time. Life is like a checkerboard and the player that you’re playing against is time. You said that player. If you’re not careful, and you don’t make decisions, then all your pieces will be wiped out. And you’ll have no time left. So one of the things he said was, you got to be ruthless with distractions. You got to be ruthless with distractions. 

I have been part of many WhatsApp groups. I mean, I’m sure you are. With these groups, what do we do actually? What are we doing? It’s a bunch of people right? We get somebody’s content. I mean, I’ve had things go viral. I made that Punjabi Peppa Pig video, and it got passed along. I’ve made a few others. And what do we do? I mean, I still enjoy making, I had some fun with those. But what really, these groups are just little videos you’re watching. And then you forward them on to another group and this whole thing will happen throughout the day. One person says something in the group and then sometimes you go to a group and there’s a whole shitload of messages that you need to go through, you know, there’s so many videos and sometimes things can get heated in these groups. But usually the ones that I’m on, I’m a joker. And I love comedy. I love a laugh. One of the things about comedy is that you’ve got to push the boundaries. That’s the whole point of comedy. You shot you know, the penny drops, and it’s like, oh, then it’s funny. And of course, me being me, I keep pushing the boundaries, more and more. Now, I’ve left WhatsApp groups so many times. But this is the first time that I’ve left all of them. I’m not on one whatsapp group that I’m aware of. Not one that’s still running. If it was, I believe it. And for me, it’s like, Time is rushing by. I don’t have time for this. You know, I don’t want to waste my life. If somebody wants to talk to me, message me directly. You know, it’s just nonsense. If I want to waste some time, I’ll go to tictoc and have fun with that, you know, people can send me stuff individually. For me, it’s about, you know, I get more reward about helping somebody one to one, more satisfaction, then seeing, like, these group messages, which they’re not personal and they are very distant. I mean, usually people don’t even produce their own content. And, I don’t want to keep getting feeds. Geez, you know, that’s what social media Facebook was about.But I don’t want to keep doing that, I guess these youngsters then they’re not in that. They’re not on Facebook. They’re on different things like Snapchat or whatever, and I get the fact that it’s a private social media. It’s WhatsApp. It’s a private group, but I use WhatsApp for business purposes. I’ve run two businesses. And in order for me to run two businesses, I need to focus on those two businesses. And it means that I need to be ruthless with distractions. I need to keep my eyes on the work that I need to do. I can’t afford to, you know, spend God knows how much time going through these WhatsApp groups. To what avail? Where’s the result? 

You know, it’s become like, Oh, we can’t be bothered to renew, but we’ll put this message on. Just ring each other, telephone each other. Oh, we don’t have time for that. But if you add up all the time that you’ve been spending on these WhatsApp groups, you can have the time for a personal one to one chat.You don’t need to just keep announcing it, broadcasting it. And it’s nonsense. It’s not even personal. It’s just a bunch of nonsense. And I know because I was so guilty of spreading stuff. Sooner or later, you’re going to say something that’s going to upset somebody. And because I pushed the boundaries, and then that person starts reacting. What the heck am I doing? But it made me realize that I’m wasting my time. I’m putting all this time into watching these, first of all, I watch these shitty videos, and they are funny, right? And then you forward them on and then somebody gets offended. And it’s like, wait, how did I end up in this situation? So me being me, I know the way I am. And it’s like, You know what? I’m just gonna step back. I’m just, I’m just going to move away from WhatsApp because actually it gives me nothing being in these groups. And if people want to talk to me, they talk to me directly. In the UK, we can still have six people. You can still make phone calls. Prison, your own home.

But yeah, it was also a business decision. Because really, it was just the fact that the reason it was a business decision is because before we are business people, we are human beings. And it’s really important to be in a positive mental state and have joy. And if I’m not doing that, then to be honest, I don’t need it in my life. Either cut out the things that I don’t need that aren’t serving me. Sometimes things, you know, you could argue that everything serves you and I do agree with that statement, every experience you have is that to serve you on one level. But at the same time, you can choose what relationships you want. You can choose where you put your time. And like I said, time is truth, time is wicked, it will gobble you up, gobble your life up. So you gotta weigh in, who do I have in my life? And what do I give my time to, and my energy to? As a business person, if something is not serving you, not making you happier, not serving your business, not helping you grow, not helping you achieve the targets that you want, because you still need to earn right? As freelancers we need to earn. And if a relationship is taking more than it is giving in, then you need to reassess it. It’s your life. You don’t need to put up with anything. And I’m talking about marriage, I’m talking about any relationship. I just want to say something., you have to be careful who you give your time to. You’ve got to guard it. You’ve got to guard yourself from not not just you know, Whatsapp groups. But from people energy things. And clear out anything that you believe doesn’t serve you. If it’s meant to be part of your life, we’ll come back. Right? I assess my life. And I think where am I putting all my time and energy? So you have to step back and just do a little assessment and clear out the things that don’t serve you. It could be a video game you’re spending too much time on. It could be Facebook. It could be WhatsApp. It could be anything, right? But you’ve got to assess yourself like am I spending too much time? It could be a relationship? And is it not serving me? Is it taking from me more than I’m getting from it? Right. 

And this comes to my second point: it’s okay to be selfish. We have been raised to share. We have been told that it’s not to be greedy. Don’t just think about yourself. I’m going to challenge all of them. And I would say if you don’t think about yourself first, then how can you help anyone else? Classic example, if you’re in an airplane, and the airplane is about to get lack of oxygen because the airplane is so high, the cabins are compressed, so that we can breathe oxygen and have regular pressure because the pressure up there is really low. So if there’s an issue and the planes about to land, some things happen, you’ll get the oxygen masks released, which give you I think, 10 or 15 minutes of oxygen, of air. And they always tell you, you need to help yourself first. You need to put the mask on yourself first. Because if you can’t breathe, and believe me, you’ll be out in 30 seconds or two seconds a minute. If you’re trying to put it on your child first number one, you probably won’t be able to because you won’t, because you’re not breathing. Secondly, you’re going to collapse. And then so as your child you’re going to lose. So you have to put the mask on yourself first, and then the other person. Is that being selfish? I don’t know. It’s an interpretation. Some people will say yes. But do you see why it’s necessary? This life is yours. Start being selfish. Start thinking about yourself. Start thinking about the relationships in your life and if they’re serving you or not. Are they sucking your energy? Are they draining you? Do you feel better or worse with them in there? You do not need to put up with shit. And don’t, don’t tolerate fools. You don’t need to. I’m like that. I’ve been doing that. I have no problem about, if somebody doesn’t respect me, I’ll give them one or two chances. I’ll even talk to them. Then I’ll say you know what, I need to assess this time. And then I’ll let them go their own way. Because the way I see it, life is like going on a highway, a motorway, and on this motorway, you’re gonna have, see relationships actually like this, you’re gonna have things which have caused that really close to you for a couple of junctions. Say that you’re headed from London to Wales. It’s a 190 mile, 150 mile trip. Let’s say you’re headed there, three hour trip. And along the way, you’re gonna see some cars, which are really close to you for a few junctions. And then they go off. And then there are some cars, sometimes they’ll overtake you, sometimes you’ll overtake them. Bearing in mind, each of these cars represents a relationship. And I see relationships like that. And sometimes these cars, you might have a car who’s with you throughout the whole of the journey, you know, throughout the three hour journey. But they are maybe within 100 meters of you 200 meters. But when it’s time for them to get off, they’ll get off and I see relationships like that. And I see actually not just relationships but everything we experience like that. 

Everything in this world has a finite life. Even we do in these bodies. You know we don’t last forever in these bodies. The bodies deteriorate. Yes, I believe we have something far deeper in us. You can call it soul.  You can call it the spirit. There’s so much evidence that we are not just the body, just have a look at what they call it out of body experiences. People astral projecting, remote viewing. These are things that raven, tried and tested by the governments. I mean, I know a lady in India who can remote view. Remote viewing is when you can see a distant place. You can visit there and there’s no limitation you can go anywhere in the universe. Astral projecting is when you leave your body, and you realize that you’re not your body. So it’s kind of the ghost part of you. I’ve had an astral projection experience once it freak the heck out of me. The reason it freaked the heck out of me is not because it was scary. Okay? It was because I was out of my body and as soon as I got out, I had that zero gravity feeling, which felt like I was floating and falling, it was just so weird. And then instantly, I was like, in my body again. But you can do practices and you can look online for astral projection. There’s a guy who teaches an OBE for you, OBE for you out of body experience for you. Number four, you use the letter. In Russia, I think he has a school but he teaches it online for free. And I’ve spoken to like many people online, who have active astral projection experiences and one one lady said to me recently that she astral projected. Soon after she did something called the QHHT session, which is a quantum healing hypnosis therapy session, I’m a training practitioner in that, and she said to me after the session, she was able to leave the body when she went to sleep. So your body’s asleep. So you’re still fully rested but you are awake, and gallivanting all over the place, you can go anywhere you want. And she said she saw her husband. Her husband sleeps with her son, or was sleeping with the son because he couldn’t sleep. And he ended up Cheech,the husband was asleep. No, sorry, the hospital was there, he didn’t see her. Her son saw her. And he said Mama, and he was in another room. And he looked at her in the eyes and said, mama, which is interesting. So something’s happened along the way. We’ve lost these abilities. But we have amazing abilities as humans and we don’t tap into them. So that was astral projection. 

Why did I get into this? I think it comes down to, I told you in these episodes, we’re gonna go to all kinds of places and I’ll share loads. I’ll keep sharing the experiences that I had, but what I’m saying is, it’s okay to be selfish, because ultimately, it’s you and you are not your body. That’s the other thing I wanted to say. You are not your body. You are in your body. But you exist outside of your body. You exist if your body dies or not. So many experiments, there was even a doctor I think, in a hospital somewhere you probably heard the story. I can’t remember the source okay, so forgive me. But he said there were so many people having these out of body experiences saying that they were there in the operating theatres. He actually put a piece of paper above the tiles on the ceiling. And he was like, Okay, well, if they can read that, that means they can really see it. And there were people who could recite it and recall seeing that. So much evidence of past life regression, kids having memories and going to their places and remembering beings, the whole life. The characters, the people and you can get messy, but because you’re supposed to forget everything, but the point is, there’s more to us. What I’ve seen through the QHHT sessions that I’ve done on other people, because one of the steps is past life regression, and from there we connect to their higher selves, their inner selves that subconscious mind. And then we ask them questions we want. And I can ask questions about myself, I can ask questions, permitting that they will answer them, they don’t always answer things, they only answer things that are not harmful to us. But they end up, you know, with past life regression, you can see, we end up having the person experience another life. And we get to see it, we see the life a scene at a time. So it could be a day in a person’s life. It’s not even a day, it’s a moment. And we can take them through that moment. And they’ll be experiencing and telling us what’s going on. 

Recently, I did a session and we were showing the scene of this person’s life. Pretty interesting story, I won’t go into detail, because it’s just like, gonna take up another 40 minutes. But the message was, when we contacted the higher selves, because what we do is we ask them, why did you show this life? What was the purpose? And the message so often is, it’s okay for you to live for yourself, you don’t need to live for others. And they say this, think about yourself. Think about, you know, don’t please others. Don’t live your life to please others. Because you’re only doing what other people want. If you see a child, a toddler, they don’t care about other people. This is what humanity has, you know, if they want something, they’ll get it. Yes, they kind, right. But if they want something, they’re like, hey, that’s, that’s mine, I want that experience. Now I want you to, I’m not saying everybody needs to be at each other’s throats and start stealing. What I’m saying is, you need to get tap back into that nature side of yours and start living your life for yourself. Drop anything that doesn’t serve you, just reassess it because some people in your life will give and some people will take. And it comes down to this. I mean, Gary Vee says his strategy on social media is to give give, give, give, give, and one in every 14 times he will ask. He’s giving 14 times what he’s taking. And you’ve got to apply a similar principle, with the people around you. Is it giving or is it taking? And can you tolerate it? If you look at the partnership, a partnership in a business only works, if two people are contributing. If one person feels that I’m giving more than the other person, that partnership will fail. It will fail really fast. Because partnerships are built, businesses are built on people. And if people don’t get along and the two partners don’t get along, then the business is not gonna work. I was gonna swear that F the business is F. I don’t know if I’m allowed to do that on Apple podcasts and all this stuff, but the business won’t survive. 

A partnership only works if both people contribute. And usually if they contribute different things because you know how to do what you’re doing, but if they know how to do something that you don’t know how to do and vice versa, then that’s a great partnership. But personally I’d don’t do partnerships. I don’t advise it. Hiring somebody is far cheaper. Because when it comes down to everything you’ve done, why are you splitting it? I don’t know one partnership, eventually it’s going to have to split. I don’t know, one partnership that’s lasted throughout . Why do you want to go down that path? Do not do partnerships. I do not advise it. I don’t do partnerships. I did one and I was giving, giving, giving, giving, giving. And then the guy got a bit moody with me and I was like, can I reassessed it? Actually hang on. I’m just giving him. And, uh, he’s not really putting much in, other than agreeing with me. And I was putting all my money in timing. I ended up spending about £10,000 of my own money. He didn’t put any money. Didn’t need him to, but then when it became a bit funny, he became a bit funny. I was like, forget this cause he doesn’t appreciate me.So then I was like, okay, well, listen, man, let’s go our separate ways. And I said, Hey, can I keep the name? It was called Rising Seed. And we’re going to do online learning. This is when you just start, but it was just going to be for arms and there was going to be teaching for science and we ended up going our own ways. Cause I was like, well, I’m putting everything in. Eventually that will happen and really to be successful in life, you need to make that decision. So there you go. I mean, I’ve covered all my points. I do have points. I want to share jotted down on pieces of paper. I feel like I’ve got so much more to say, and I will. It’s good, but it’s been a long episode, slightly longer than normal. It’s the longest one so far. Enjoy, as you know, I always suggest starting your own podcast. I’m having relative success with this stuff now. I had my first hundred downloads. I’m now on Apple podcast. I’m on Google podcast. I’m on Spotify. All you gotta do is say, Hey, Alexa. Is it Hey Alexa? Alexa play, what’s this called again, the freelancer’s guide to survival. Alexa, play this freelancers guide to survival, but you’re playing already. But anyway, that’s all you have to say all you can say, or, okay Google play the freelancer’s guide to survival. Anyway, I don’t think you can speak to Spotify. Can you don’t know? You can speak to Siri. Hey, Siri, play this Freelancer’s guide to survival. 

Voiceover wise, I’ve been pretty busy. I’ve not had a record breaking month, but it’s been nice. I’ve been getting more orders direct. We’ve been reaching out, getting a lot of people, getting a lot more traction on LinkedIn, which is a medium that I recommend. Go to where your clients are, reduce content. Oh, if you think this is like a weird format for a podcast the reason it’s like this is partly because of my own sanity as a voice artist, we do not get to see anybody really. And I guess you get your taste of it, those of you who are working from home now, this is what a voice artist or self employed person has any way they’re working on their own, unless you’re in a shared office, but usually it’s on your own. And then it’s like, I have nobody to talk to, I’m all on my own. This is what we do. Just scream podcast. In a hundred years, you’re going to be dead. So don’t worry what you produce, what I produce, nobody really cares. Do it for yourself. This is why I do this podcast, and if somebody benefits great, right. So it’s okay to be selfish. It’s okay to be selfish and thinking about yourself, because if you’re always thinking about other people and, you know, cause people who really have a lot of empathy, they, this is one of the problems we have. We’re thinking about other people and it’s like, you need to balance that out. And it depends on what level you’re at. Sometimes you do need to think about other people, sure. What I’m talking about is to put your life first. Don’t make sacrifices for others. Make them for yourself. Sacrifice others for yourself. It’s about you. Don’t ever be ashamed of that. Because that’s not from you, that’s not in your nature as a toddler. That’s something that’s been instilled by society. Yes be generous. Give in terms of, you know, if you can help somebody give them, but no, when they take them the piss and it’s just one way. Whether it’s a client. A bad client who keeps taking it’s okay to drop them and reassess and say, you know what, I can’t afford to keep you as a client. Because you’re taking up too much of my time. You either paid for the work I’ve put in, or you back off mate, you back off and give me space and stop micromanaging me. Cause that’s not the service I provide. 

I had a funny one this week, I had a person leave a four star review. Now four stars aren’t great. They hurt us. The four star review and then he tipped me. And I’m like hmm. Because normally you have to protect your business as well. So when somebody leaves a bad review, you have to assess whether you’re going to keep them on as a client, because if they’re that picky and hard to please, and the review is going to be there forever on the internet somewhere. you know, can you afford another bad review? And if they get even more uptight next time, so you have to assess whether you got to block them or not. And, of course we use these online platforms, which rely on reviews. I think I’m 50-50, whether I blocked this guy. Mr. Four-star giving me a tip. You’ve left me with a conundrum. I will probably, I was thinking about this. Well I blocked him. I’ll probably unblock him, if he puts another order in which he probably will, then I’ll just say to him beforehand, Hey man, I don’t know if you know this, but a four star review is painful. So if you’re going to keep doing that to me, I can’t keep you on as a client because I’m giving you everything that I have a hundred percent of me. And if it’s not good enough, then I’m not good enough for your level of expectations. And, you know we’re not a right fit. We’re just not a right fit. 

So that’s an example of it being straight with your client and you don’t need to put up with bad clients in your business. You don’t need to do that. You create a good life. If you don’t like the energy of somebody don’t work for them. Why would you do that to yourself to create a life like that? Where you’re not happy. You want to work with people that help you grow, wo are in line with your values and believe me, knocking people down is not one of my values. I don’t knock others, even if I don’t use somebody’s services. Like, for example, let me reiterate that even if I’ve used somebody’s service and they haven’t provided a good service. I know the power of reviews. So I will not, I’ll just not leave them a review. It’s less painful. This whole concept of leaving a tip and then a four star review, which is telling the world that, you know what, he’s not actually quite a five-star person when everybody else has been generous. He’s just a meanie. He’s a mean person, but then he’s not that mean, he’s tipped me. So it makes no sense. So either he doesn’t know, but I’m in two minds, two minds. I’ve got orders coming in. I’ve got work to do. Interesting. Let’s see how much, let’s see. There you go, $300 order. That was very good. And we’ll finish those in an hour and a half, two hours, which is good. Something like that, such as it could be between one and two hours. So this is a good field.And you know, this is why I like the voiceover, pays well, and it’s fun most of the time and you don’t have to keep, money clients come your way. And there’s so much business outlet. You can afford to turn away clients. I think you can do that in any business. You can always afford to turn away clients eventually. Initially you might not be able to. When I started this off, I was saying yes to everybody, and sometimes I do, I still like, okay, well I’ve got time. I’ll do it. But there are times like if I’m too busy, I’m like, well, I can’t take that on. These are my rates if you want them, if you want me to do. I had one guy contact me yesterday, he was like, Hey, I need you for TV. We want to do a TV ad. I was like, great. He said, it’s 30 seconds in some religious channel. I said, okay, perfect. He goes, how much? I said, what’s your budget? He said $25. Immediately my reaction was to block him, but then I thought about this guy probably doesn’t know. So I unblocked him and I was like, okay, I’m guessing you, you don’t. I said that $500 made for TV rights. That doesn’t include recording, but $500 for TV rights. And he said, Oh, sorry I didn’t know. Yeah, don’t worry because I’ll speak to the client. Yeah, no problem. See, they are usually selling our services on, so he would have charged $1000 and given me $25. Or pass for the savings to the client, you can’t have $25. I spent a fortune building this, all my work, my skills taken years. To go on TV is worth more than $25. But that’s an example that you just have to say no, and it’s OK to just say no.

I’m gonna wrap this show up. This episode has been a good one, a long one. A lot of my messages might be overlapping because it’s freestyle, and that’s ok because I know everybody doesn’t listen to everything, but I do focus on one topic at a time even though that won’t take all of the topic but hope you enjoyed the show. Until the next one. Speak to you soon.