The Freelancer’s Guide To Survival: Balancing Act

In this episode, I discuss the overwhelming side of the business and what I’ve learned to do to get grounded and overcome these.

I also introduce the concept of Channeling and meditation. And we also have a surprise message from The Plaedian Counsell who are here to help with our ascension. 

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Hello and welcome back to another episode of a Freelancer’s Guide To Survival brought to you by your host, Amrit Sandhu AKA, The British Voice Artist. And my website is the If you want to get in touch, you can email me at If you wanna hookup you can connect with me on Facebook, LinkedIn, pretty much those are the main places that I hang out really., LinkedIn. And let’s get started. So, anybody who’s heard these episodes know, I am a guy who wears my heart on my sleeve, and I use these episodes, these podcasts to share my journey of where I am and it also gives me somebody to talk to. Although I don’t know who you are unless you introduce yourself to me. And I’d encourage others to do this. I’ve said this before, and I’ll continue saying it. There’s something really comforting about being able to talk to someone. And really I use these as therapy for me. But at the same time, I’d like to give advice and help others. So it’s not just, you know, I do these for me, but I also am helping others. And that is actually helping me feel better about what I’m doing. Living my imprint and maybe somebody, if I even help one person through this advice that I give and I share my journey, what’s worked for me, was not working for me. The struggles that I’m going through. It can hopefully help you avoid those things. Right. So that is the gist of what this whole podcast is about. And usually when people hear it, they just listen to the latest episode, you know. There’s a lot of content I share on this. B But generally, if you get to know me or see that I’m a spiritual person. I’m a business person as well. I’m analytical, but I’m also open-minded. And these are the things that we’re going to explore and share. I get involved in so many things. It’s interesting because when I see other people they’re just not doing as much. They are usually in one field. They are usually, you know, intrigued. They’re pretty content, like watching Netflix, doing their routine of work, doing that chores, you know, the usual stuff. It’s just, for me, that leaves a massive hole. And I recommend you guys to explore this because we’re much more than we are, then we are taught to believe we are. We have much more potential, much more potential. I’ll be talking about this throughout the show, this episode. 

But let me give you a roundup of where I’ve been this last week and a half, because sometimes all I can say is like the voiceover field, when you’re starting any business, it can get a bit too much. It can feel like you’re in just over your head in terms of the amount of work. The amount of people who want you to do their stuff immediately and you try and help them. What I’m saying is sometimes it can get too much. It can become monotonous reading scripts, doing revisions where people don’t really know what they want, so they haven’t explained it. And often it’s like, I mean, I had one guy recently just say to me, just a small order. And he’s like, you know, he gave me the script, I read it. And he’s like, no, no, it’s too posh. Okay. So I made it, recorded again. It wasn’t a very long script. Now this is the way I talk. I can’t sound like a geezer, you know, there’s, there’s certain limitations that I have. And he was like, make it easy. And you know what? I put my hands up. I know what I’m good at. I’ve got my sweet spot and then there are things that I just, I can’t sound. I mean, if I sound posh, geez. I mean, you should hear the people that I know, my sister she’s pretty posh. I sound like a geezer compared to her. So it’s all relative right? But I guess, yeah, like another friend said, Oh, you’re too posh. Your voice is too posh. And you know what? Sometimes we get extra posh we’re putting it on. For me, that was like as posh, but, I guess that what they’re saying is you’re pronouncing your T’s and you’re not sounding street enough. And it’s quite difficult talking like this when you’re reading a script. So I guess it means that I need to do some more. I get a few of these. I get a few requests like this, like probably I’d say 2%, 3% of my requests, every so often it’s like, can you, can you turn down your posh? Can you turn down your too posh? So then it’s like, how do I do that? Have you heard my samples? Which sample do you want me to sound like? In any case,when you take a voice artist on, do your research. Make sure that they sound like, that you know, that you’ve heard in their samples, the voice that you want them to sound like. Cause there’s like a million billion trillion, infinite ways of saying something right. Different intonations, different accents, different attitudes. It’s like, you could say the same thing, gazillion different ways. And usually most people just want it said in a clear, concise way, in a believable way. But sometimes people think that you get the occasional person who’s never done this before. Then he thinks he’s a film director and the problem is he’s never directed anyone in his life. And in his mind he knows what he wants. He just doesn’t know how to explain it. Just like you can give him, you know, go to do the work and then just give them an example of what you want, give voice artists an example, at least of what you’re after. If you know what you’re after, if you know how to explain it and make sure that the voice artist understands it, then you’ve got a much better chance of getting what you want.

I mean that that side can be actually quite stressful as a voice artist. Cause it’s like, I have to understand what you want and you don’t know how to explain it. So that’s what I’m, I guess, learning now. It’s like dealing with people who aren’t directors who think they are. They just don’t know how to use language themselves and communicate stuff. And it’s like, okay, what are you trying to say? What have you got in mind that I can talk like that? I can connect with that. And then, you know, sometimes just like I’ll put your hands up and just say, you know what, I can’t do this. I know my limitations. And of course I can do a session with him and I can talk a bit more street or whatever, like this. But the problem is chances are, you can spend five sessions with the person. Some are like the records things 10 times for a person and they still, because they don’t really know what they want and they don’t know  how to explain it, you can end up wasting your time. With those jobs I just call it a day and I said, look, just pay for my time. So that can be stressful. That’s one of the stresses in voice and it can become too much because sometimes like every so often you get people, I mean, it’s funny how things happen in waves. You know? It’s like, you can have a quiet time. We can have a super busy time and you do get the middle times as well, but it’s like, I’m talking about the same like hour. People are like, can you do this? And can you do this? And can you do this? And it just makes me think that, you know, I need to take a chill pill because I’ve seen this happen so often now that we are manifesting things really fast. Right. You’ve heard of the law of attraction and we are creating things real fast now. And so when life is becoming too much, it’s just a reminder for you to go to your own peaceful center, to ground yourself and to meditate and to go to your center of love. Right? Take a few deep breaths. Put your hand on your heart. And just get that sensation of love or whatever you’ve loved. Maybe it’s an animal, maybe it’s your partner, maybe it’s your mum, your dad, maybe it’s like a Christ-like figure or groove or something like that. But whatever that vibration of love is tap into that and expand it. Expand the light of love from your central heart chakra. And then expand until it completely surrounds you in a white bubble. And just be comfortable with tha feeling and you can overshoot, continue expanding it and you can go whoosh and just using your imagination, just send that loving pulse outside you, around your life, around your surroundings. And honestly, when you do that, you’re going to feel better and you’re gonna see things that, you know, using your imagination, you’re going to see you’re gonna feel better. You’re gonna see a change as well, actually, in reality. Because you’re happier. So you’re not as agitated or stressed out. So the way you react to things, everything seems more peaceful and you realize actually, and you’ll be creating a different version of you. So I advise you to do that. I’m going to share some stuff that I’ve been doing recently on channeling. On developing my intuition, developing psychic abilities. 

Cause I think, like I said last couple of weeks ago, it was like before we’re humans, before we’re business people, we’re people. And you know, it’s really about exploring that and getting deeper into that. Anybody that you’ve heard about, who’s had some kind of ability, anybody who’s done anything, you can do that. You can achieve that. Maybe you want to run a marathon, you know, it’s possible. You can run a marathon. Maybe you want to lose weight. You can do that. Maybe you want to learn a new language. Maybe you want to become an artist, start painting. Maybe you want to become a voiceover person or an actor. Maybe you want to start writing a book. Maybe you want to start sailing or start swimming if you don’t know how to swim or just being a better version of you or doing something that you’ve, you know, aspire to do, but never, never done it. If you can see anybody else and admire them, you can do that as well. You know? And it means changing habits. That’s how you do it. You change your habits. You’ve got to look at where are you spending your time? When we realize where we spend our time, we can then start managing that time better. A lot of time is spent on phones these days. So 3 billion people spend more than three hours a day on a phone. I know this because I read scripts and you know, all the time, so there’s a lot of, I’m really fortunate because through the job that I do with voiceovers, I’m reading a lot of scripts and a lot of these are explainer videos or e-learning and stuff like that. You end up learning loads of stuff. Obviously I haven’t fact checked it, but it’s not like it’s that important. It’s not, you know, critical stuff. It’s interesting stuff. 

So really I wanted to start off and really say that look, when it was becoming too much for me, then I took some time out and I started the day meditating to my heart center. Just the meditation that I described and feeling that feeling of love. And when we do that, you know, we’re better for it. Our heart rate changes. I was actually measuring my heartbeat when I think of my wife. Like really loving feelings towards her. And I’ve always said to her, Oh, she makes her heartbeat faster when I think of that. But actually,I measure what is happening, cause I feel a difference in my heart. Actually what’s happening is it’s beating slower. It’s like, you know, much slower and it’s happy. It’s calm. Interesting right? I didn’t know that because I’ve got one of these watches which measures your heartbeat. When it’s overwhelming, go to your heart center, you know, take time out for yourself. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, yeah, then it means that it’s an alarm bell and you just need to go inside of you and find your peace. Find your love. Find the way to recharge your batteries and allocate specific time for this. I’ve heard people talk about this before, but doing this in the morning, first thing, not jumping on your phone and watching the news, looking at the news headlines or looking at Facebook posts, but actually just spending five minutes in the morning while your eyes are still half open. And you know, you’re struggling to open your eyes. Your brain is just in a relaxed state. At that point just put a hand over your heart, take a deep breath in, and just when you, when you breathe out and go, ah, right. Inside two or three times and find your heart center. Know that life is looking after you, just as it looked after you up until today. Up until now, it will continue. Once we do that, we find out peace and we know that really whatever happens outside of us doesn’t matter because we know how to get the piece inside of us. So keeping balanced is really important. I’m not saying just stay in your heart central, like all the time. Like, you want to live here. But interestingly, a lot of advice I’ve been getting recently from other channels, I’m going to share what I’ve been doing is about going to the heart center. 

So why do I keep talking about channeling? Why do I keep talking about psychic and abilities and intuition and developing. How am I doing this? Okay let’s get started on that one. So probably since the last year I’ve been following a guy who did the QHHT stuff. I heard about this guy called Bashar, a guy called Darrel anchor, he worked in film in Hollywood and he was a director I think. He was doing something called channeling and he was channeling an interdimensional transient being called the Bashar. When he channeled his being, he would take on Bashar’s persona. He would talk like Beshar and he would give advice like Bashar.  People would come to him and ask questions and it’s become so big now he charges a lot of money so that you can be present for one of these channeling sessions and then he answers your questions. Now I was instantly drawn to this and I was like, I want to do that. And that’s what I want to do. And I was trying to look for, you know, all these psychic things they’re all kind of shunned upon in our society, right? It’s like the, we look at them and we’re like, Oh, it’s a load of bollocks. Cause there’s so many charlatans. There’s so many fakes out there right? But for me, I’ve had some spooky encounters through my life. Ringing freaked the heck out of me. So what I tend to do, before I used to go to other people to overcome these spooky things, which were bothering me and disturbing my sleep. But then, you know, there’s nothing like doing something yourself. Those other people who are psychics or you know who have learnt to protect themselves, they’ve learnt it. So therefore you can learn it. It’s not special. It’s not like they have this just a special gift. It’s just they’re using and developing those tools. So I found a guy online who was teaching a course in channeling. And I was like, okay. Wow. And I’ve been following this guy for a while. His name’s Dante Shanti Singh. And a really nice guy. And I was like, he’s my teacher. I knew one day he was going to teach me, you just know in your heart. So I was like, okay, when he did the course, I jumped on it. I was one of the first.  So the course has started and we’ve done three or four weeks. There’s a group of probably 12 of us and we learned to channel and develop these tools. First we were just becoming aware of our inner guides and where we can go. And in fact, I can sense a channeling session coming on now. So I might actually just do one now and give you a demonstration. What we were doing is channeling each other’s body parts and seeing if they have a message for us. Like your heart, your liver, your hand, your head, your brain, your left side, your side of the head or whatever. This last week, we’ve been doing that with a partner, which is great. They’ve asked me to channel something. They said Ok Amrit, channel my head , my heart. Right. And we have been, and they have been, and it’s been quite amazing actually, using their imagination. This week, I think we’re going to start channeling in front of a group or channeling our guides. But interestingly, I’ve just been channeling these cross interdimensional beings, intelligence known as the Pleiadians and the Arcturians. And they’ve been giving some interesting advice. But the advice is usually relevant to the person listening to it. So with the channeling, you can get all kinds of advice.

Let’s see if I can play with this now. And we are now in a channeling state. So as you can hear the vessel’s voice does change slightly. Amrit’s voice is changing as the energy is being released or pumped up from his belly area up to his throat. And we are using this method to transmit and deliver a message from us using the channels, psychic radio, as he likes to call it. What has happened is Amrit has learned to tune into these frequencies, which we are delivering. We are working in. We are here to serve. We are of the light and we welcome you listeners to go with the flow. Go with your flow so that you too may ascend and expand your consciousness. And co-create a new world, a new way of living so that you are all seen as one, and you will see each other as one entity. One being.  One member of the intergalactic family. The human race is one species, one being as you may. So we are here to serve, to ascend, to help you transcend and expand your consciousness. We are giving our hands as adult gives hands to a growing child to assist, to serve, to protect, to nurture, and also give you the freedom to develop these tools, these skills so that you may ascend, expand consciously, co-create and be empowered of your life as you know it. So this is us talking through him. And as he learns to study and expand his consciousness, his ability to channel will expand, increase, we’ll be fine tuned. And he will be able to answer any questions that you have. So if you wish to receive messages, answers for things that have been hidden up till now, things that will help you to expand and live in a more expanded state, we are here to assist. And thank you for this transmission. We sense the vessel wishes to close this, although we are here to help and expand and guide you, we ask you to develop your abilities. To take our hand, simply stretch yours out, and we will connect to you. Those who are listening. Should they wish we’ll have the ability to similarly commune with us. Talk dialect in a way, which is beneficial to you and your entire race, so that the earth, she may continue to evolve as she has the will to expand, ascend, enhance and grow your species will also be given this chance. So go within yourself, expand, meditate, use,love it is your light. It is the beacon in the darkness, but not to say that the darkness is bad. That is a judgment. Nothing is ultimately bad. It is all here to serve you to expand. We thank you for listening to us and giving us the opportunity to transmit this message. And we look forward to doing this again, if you wish. And if the vessel is willing, which he has said he is. We thank you. We are the pleiadian council and we will speak soon.

All right. So you’re probably thinking what the heck just happened there. Let me just ground myself, because you can get spaced out. Sometimes I feel that messages coming and I felt that was there coming. For me, I get an energy from my stomach and it comes out and it kind of like is a bunch of energy pushing itself out. Through this channeling course, I’ve been able to add words to it. Learn how to tune in some words, and you do get clear thoughts, clear vision, which is what the clairvoyance means, clear vision. So yeah, that was what a channeling session is. Eventually, I guess we will have a bunch of people asking questions and, you know, these loving beings will be happy to assist. So  what  I realized as we were channeling all the time anyway, like not all the time, but quite often. We can naturally go into channeling state and because we’re telepathic beings, you know, how do you think dogs and animals and cats can talk to us? You know, they didn’t go to school. How do you think they learn telepathy? So nothing to worry about there. It is entirely a natural process and it’s done through love.  I feel good, about after I feel actually energized. I feel a bit tense, a bit tired, but I feel like I kind of like meditation. I feel happy. I feel grounded, I’d say balanced. Well, I wasn’t sure. That was on the cards. I was like, I want to start channeling on this program, on this podcast. And I’ll give messages if they come through. But that I guess was really an introduction from the Pleiadians.

Yeah, I think I’ve, I’ve discussed enough for this. I hope I haven’t sketched you away. But that’s the kind of stuff we’ve been learning. Right?  You probably noticed my voice was different or the end of the way I was talking was different. It was just because of the way the energy was coming out of my stomach. And I guess one question might be, how did that happen? How do I know what to say? It just comes to me. Then you might say, are you making it up? Yes, of course we make everything up. But you gotta look at, is the message useful? Forget about where it’s coming from or how it’s coming there. You know, is it a loving message? Look at the content. You got to look at the energy of the message and they were talking about the stuff that I talked about, which is, you know, they’re here to assist in the expansion. I guess that’s what, why I’m interested in doing this podcast to begin with. I want to help other people expand and then help them be empowered. Yes, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful. I mean, they’ve been doing this for a few weeks. I feel like I’ve been doing this forever and it’s just totally normal to me. It’s a beautiful thing. It was easier for me to do it because I had in a way, I was like, not as worried about this stuff, you know? Because I was doing the QHHT stuff anyway. So who are these transcendental interdimensional beings? Well, their ET’s. Their different life forms on different planets here to ascend. Here to help in our ascension process, which means that, you know, evolution is going to continue to happen. But if you see what’s happening in the world, right, humanity clearly is not capable of ascending itself. Right? We are obsessed with splitting up territories and dividing and we need something now outside of us. I mean, we would have bonded the heck out of ourselves with the nuclear power that we have. But we need something outside of ourselves to help us. And these guys have been part of us from the beginning. They see themselves as our parents. Yeah they see themselves as our parents. So,they never scold. They never tell you what to do. They don’t say you need to do this. You need to do that. No, it’s all about your own expansion, your own finding your own piece.

Okay, I’m good to go. Thank you so much for listening. I will do another episode, hopefully soon. I’m trying to do one a week. B ut sometimes it’s one every week and a half or two weeks, but here you go until next time. Thank you. Bye.