The Freelancer’s Guide To Survival: Step Away From The Screen

In this episode I discuss many topics such as:

  • How to deal with negative things online such as hate.
  • Building your business
  • What it takes to succeed

Amongst other things.

Hope you enjoy.

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Welcome back to Episode Seven, Season Two of The Freelancer’s Guide To Survival. If you haven’t heard any of the past things I mean, you can, there’s no particular order to these. So in theory, you can get the latest one and the latest update and work your way back. The thing is it’s not really time sensitive all the time. So my advice is, go back. If you’d like this, then you probably like the other stuff I’ve made. So what are we going to talk about today? Well slightly delayed, I was trying to release an episode every Friday, which means I usually have to do it before then. But it’s been such a busy week. I mean, it’s crazy. As a voice artist, I’m having incredible success at the moment. If you don’t know already, I’ve gone full time. I’ve been having projects with some big brand names. I mean, I did something for Nokia today. It’s kind of internal stuff. Yesterday, it was the Dixon’s group, Carphone Warehouse. And then Qatar Airways, ironically, did the script for San Francisco. And I say ironically, because I went there last year, and it was let’s just say it wasn’t exactly like, it’s advertised. I wasn’t aware of the whole human homeless population. And people are just, I mean, they were out of it on the streets. They were wasted. And there’s human poop everywhere. Not everywhere, but enough of it. And it’s like, it’s disgusting. You go out of Hilton Hotel, and which is great inside, and then they’ve got security guards chasing the homeless people away. It’s a real shame because if that’s what America is turned into, I know it hasn’t, America’s massive. But that’s the offset of you know, it’s a side effect from the success they’ve had in Silicon Valley. It’s unfortunately made many people homeless. But you know, most people not only in America, most people in the world are living month to month, usually in debt, paying their credit cards off. And in the US, if you know, these people get one, I don’t know if they have one accident that knocks them out, their employer can just get rid of them on short notice and they’re screwed. It’s horrible.  So I really feel for them, I really feel in the US what people are going through. And of course, that’s why you can’t just have a capitalist system. You need to look after your people. And the UK is a great example of balance. I really think it’s one of the best countries in the world. You know, we really do take care of people. It’s wonderful. It’s not perfect, but it’s great. You get free health, free education. Of course it’s not free because you pay for it through your taxes. But it means that at least you know there’s a support mechanism which kind of makes it easier to be a freelancer in the UK I say because there is a support mechanism. Because at least you know, if you’re ill, if you break your arm, and you can’t work for six weeks, you’re not going to not just be out of work. And at least you’re not have a £50,000 bill that you’d have to pay, which is what happens in the US unless you have medical insurance. So it’s a real shame, you know. 

Anyway, that was my thing about the US and the San Francisco advert that I did. And that whole thing, really, I speak to one of my coaches. And it just dawned on me because I was watching the BBC News and I realized that everything is so staged, and you see this as a voice actor, you see it because everything we’re reading is scripted. And the irony is the person who did the voiceover for San Francisco, for a major airline just has a very different opinion. And he’s the same person who’s recording and selling the dream of going there. And I’ve been struggling with this. The ethics of reading a script and just realizing that even watching the news, it’s all scripted. It’s so freakin b*llsh*t, man, it just felt so fake. So artificial. And watching these news presenters, and it was like they were having a discussion, but I knew everything was scripted, and they were playing it to a tee. And, you know, one was waiting for the other end saying, Yeah, and this fake discussion, which was being managed by somebody, and there is, an a script was read, and I know that how it has to be done. But something is so fake about that. It just makes me think what the heck is going on? All this time we watch the news, but people don’t know this. They think it’s all you know, I think it’s all real. The news, the BBC News, the you know, people are reading scripts, people are, even in the discussions with each other. They’re reading from scripts. And it’s all fake. They’re basically told what to read. It’s all fake. And, yeah, that’s something I have been struggling with. I had a lady contact me today. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this in your line of freelancing. I had a lady contact me. And she said, Hey, can you do voice? I’ve only got like a really small budget. And I was like, Okay, well, let’s see. What’s the script? Oh, it’s only a small script. I’ll take you a second. And then she told me that it was to help a boy, he was a teenager who was gay and he was being attacked by some guy. And I was like, Okay, well, what’s going on here? Anyway turns out with a lot of back and forth messaging, because I was like, you know, who is this for? And she said, it turned out that she wanted me to read a script to stand up to the bully. And to say, No, we don’t accept this, blah, blah, blah. And I was like, and on the platform I was using, I was like, I can’t do that. And she said, I’ve got many other people willing to do it. So basically, one person is getting bullied. For whatever reason, I mean, she said it was a sexuality, but who knows this story, right? And then she is trying to pay a voiceover person to read a script, like it’s a real message and put pressure on this other guy, who is the so-called troll. And I’m like, wait a minute. That’s bullying as well. You’re fighting fire with fire. And then she was like, I’m in tears, blah, blah. And I was like, Listen, you know, what you’re trying to do is, first of all, I can’t do it, because I can’t just stop. I can’t record, I can’t be part of this. I could lose my access to that platform, I’ve ever been to sell stuff because it’s still a form of hate towards somebody else. You’re hating on a hater. That doesn’t make it okay. I can’t be part of that. So they ended up going back and forth. And, and I was like, look I can’t. I must have been in some meditation state because the stuff I was telling was so uplifting. 

I was just trying to make her realize that rather than attack the man, why didn’t you support the boy? Put him in touch with a support group. Right? She goes, Oh, he’s suicidal. And she goes, it’s in a discord group. I thought, speak to the authorities. Why you take matters into your own hand to spread hate against this other guy? What if he ends up committing suicide? What if he ends up getting screwed up because of the fact that so many people start hating on him? He clearly has issues. The fact that he’s going online, upsetting people and attacking people. But if you start attacking him, and using a paid voiceover person to do that, that’s freaking, that’s the next level sh*t. That’s like evil mastermind villain stuff. He just let it be. And I was like, just report it. Just report it to the authorities. Oh, I’m from Denmark, and he’s from Canada. And I was like, Wow, it’s still reported. Oh, but it’s on discord. 

And this comes back to one of the points I was gonna raise. Sometimes, we do take things too seriously in the virtual world. We have to remember, it’s a virtual world. It’s not the real world. It may feel real, the experience feels real, there’s another person. While we think there’s another person, it could be a bot, you don’t know? And it’s just a tremendous waste of time. And it comes back to the episode I made I think two weeks ago, which was I’ve left my WhatsApp groups. What happens is you get sucked into this virtual world and you end up having arguments, useless arguments with people. And everyone’s trying to change everyone else’s opinions. And everyone believes they are right. And, you know, sometimes you manage to change somebody else’s opinion. Or at least they say, okay, yes. But what difference does it make if you win an argument online? Uh, you know, she was so upset and distraught about this. The Danish lady, she clearly like was troubled by this. And I see why she came to me because sometimes life gives you things to help give advice to others. And I saw somebody else on LinkedIn. She’s got quite a good following, I can’t remember her name, Katie something. And she was really upset because she said she posted something on LinkedIn about how she’s finding it difficult coping with the whole COVID thing and not going out to bars and bla bla bla and she said, people left comments are really horrible. And she said one of the comments was that this is a first world problem. I mean, it was horrible to her. So basically I said this sometimes these come to me this is why I make these things because I’ve been on a natural channeler. Channel into such clean energy, cleaning thoughts. I said to her, I said there’s always someone who will disagree and find a way to be offended. No matter how good your intentions are. Social media can be a breeding ground for people to hide behind their screens and say things they would normally never say to your face. That I said the virtual world is just a concoction of meaningless, cluttered, poorly communicated noise, which can easily be silenced. Right?

Let’s go back. point one. The virtual world is just a concoction of meaningless, cluttered, poorly communicated noise. Why do I say that? I say that because I believe that people are not inherently evil. They weren’t born that way. What happens is experiences happen to people. And based on those experiences, everyone is doing the best they can. And, you know, we believe they’re wrong at this stage, but what is right and wrong changes over history, over time, and over location. So those two things, those two things affect if we as a society believe something is right or wrong. What is right or wrong, is going to change over time, and location. Because what you can do in one country, or one group of people agree to be wrong, will be accepted by another dimension of time. And, you know, that’s going to happen. So we are an evolving group of people. I mean, we’re evolving on every single level, not just cellularly, but also in thought, in societal values and what we deem is right or wrong is changing. And this is one thing I realized, really young, I realized there was no right or wrong. It’s just an opinion, everybody’s right from their point of view. And when we remember that, we realize that, then the conflict disappears, it dissolves. The anger dissolves, because based on their experiences, they’re doing the best they can. They’re doing what they think is right. And more often than not, we’re bad communicators. People aren’t inherently evil, they’re just bad communicators. They don’t know how to communicate. And then add to this, the fact that most dialogue online is happening in text, right? Little snippets of information, and then using words, words are so limited. Anyway, you could use the same word in different ways. Right? I love you. Right. It’s very different to I love ice cream. I love ice cream. It’s very different toI love you. It’s just two examples of using the word love. And you can use other words, you can use swear words, which have so many meanings, the same word. So it could be misinterpreted. so easily adjust words to spoken words. Add to that the fact that in text, we don’t even know how these people are saying those words. So the whole thing online is actually highly geared up for conflict. This is why you’re always going to piss somebody off. Which came to my first point, no matter how good your intentions, somebody will find a way to be offended. And social media is the breeding ground for people to hide behind their screens and say things they would never normally say to your face. How many times have we seen that? maybe we’re guilty of that. Maybe we have to think twice before we respond to someone and it’s like, you know, the funny thing is everyone believes they’re right. Everyone. 8 billion people, 8 billion views. No, no, I’m right. No, no, listen to me. No, no, the science says that. No, no, no. Right? No, you don’t know what you’re saying? No. Why don’t we start saying yes to each other? Yes, I understand your point of view. I understand. Thank you for sharing. Yes, I hear you. Why don’t we say that? Yes, I hear you. Yes I understand from your point of view. Yes I can see what you mean. That’s my advice. 

Then this message goes on to Katie I think whatever setting was. So the virtual world is just a concoction of meaningless cluttered, poorly communicated noise, which can easily be silenced, right? This is the key thing and this is what was in common with the Danish lady, Danish, Dutch and country? I just always get confused about the Netherlands and then the Dutch and then the Danish and Denmark? Anyway, very confusing. Ignorant Brits point of view. Geography was never my strong point. Which can be easily silenced, okay. It can be easily silenced. How? Simply so that we can easily silence the noise online? Simply by changing our attention and focusing on where we actually are physically right now. In other words, turn your screens off. It’s not real guys. We put so much importance to these pricking five inch thin things. It’s b*llsh*t. It’s not real. It’s not. You know, you treat people online how you would treat your friends. How you would want to be treated by others. Don’t look at conflict. Don’t look at separation in humanity. Don’t look at violence online. Don’t look at news articles or you know, violent, all this stuff on Facebook. Don’t look at the worst of humanity. It’s not gonna make you. It’s not gonna do anything for you. Most people are not like that. It’s sensationalized and it’s pulled down our throats so much that we believe that people are evil. They’re not. They’re just bad communicators. They’re just trying to make a living. That guy who’s robbing the store, he’s probably trying to pay his freaking medical bills. Right? It’s not like he’s desperate to do that. He needs help. Right? What would make you rob someone? Desperation. Desperation. Either trying to impress other people or because if you’re older, you give up impressing people. It’s just about your relationship. What you need from life, because you believe you need money or these things. Maybe you do need them. That’s a whole new topic leaving how much we need money. Anyway, then I said, “ Who cares what is happening on the other side of the universe?” Right? Why are we getting involved? Why are we putting our focus and attention on if that people are like, Oh, no, but it’s so important. But we need to discuss this. No, don’t discuss it with me. Don’t disturb my peace of it. If it’s something you’re passionate about, go and do something about it. You know, don’t do my head in. 

I challenge you, so many discussions I’ve had with friends. And they’re like, so passionate about something. And really, it’s just them venting about the topic, and trying to come up, become the right person. And I’ve been guilty of it. I’ve done it. It’s just my ego, trying to win. No, I know best. I know better than you. So I’m more important than you. Because I’m more special than you. We all believe that. Because we think we’re not special so we have to prove ourselves. We’re all special. We’re all beautiful. We all are. And I was saying who cares what’s happening on the other side of the universe? Right? Somebody says to you a fact I mean, I used to have a friend who would say to me, Hey, you, she was really passionate about, she’s from northern India, Kashmir. She’s really passionate about this thing. And I was like, and she used to start getting angry at Indians, kind of deliberately start fights. And she would generalize the whole I mean, there’s nearly well over a billion people in India. She would say Indians are terrible. Indians are these blah, blah, blah. And also, how can you generalize a billion people? We all are different. Humans aren’t that simple, pretty simple. But everybody will have a different view. You can’t put everyone in the same bucket. You definitely cannot generalize. Oh, no, she goes under all Indians are like this. Okay, fine. I said then, all right. What are you doing about it? She goes, What do you mean? I said, listen, the stuff that you’re saying needs to be told. If it’s true, it needs to be shared. Why don’t you set up a Facebook group? Why don’t you start increasing publicity to it? Get all these videos and, you know, if India is so bad, the government is bad, then make people aware of it. That’s how you do it. Shine light on it. Bring it to the light. And she’s like, No, no, I don’t have time for that. I said, look at the messages you’ve sent to me. Look how many hours that took? If you focused in the right area, you’re just venting, you’re not interested in solving a problem, you just want to vent. So many times, eventually, I just stopped talking to this girl. There’s only so much you can give a relationship. You have to know when to walk away from a bad deal. And if it’s all one way, one way, and the person is, they call him energy vampires, if they’re sucking your energy, just give him a chance. Sure. But, you know, you got to think is that relationship worth being in? And I was like, right, likes finished. This happened over several years. 

Anyway, so who cares? What is happening on the other side of the universe? Or in a particular screen? Who cares what was happening on a virtual platform somewhere on social media somewhere? Why are we so attached to that? The importance of that? Right? Do you know it’s not real? It’s not a real place. It’s in some computer somewhere. It looks like it’s real. These webpages, these apps, they’re just data on servers, which is data guys. Somebody’s written and they’re using it to communicate with one another, but we associate with, I’m just going to put it into context because it’s just data. Yes, there might be a person at the end of it, you’re arguing with but it’s, you know, they probably never say that to your face will be mean like that. So It has no power over us other than what we give it. It’s got no power over us other than which we give it. So just bear that in mind when the next time you get involved in an online duel. And it’s like me against them or me against the world, what that should do is help you, it should help bring to your attention that you’re, there’s something that’s triggering you. And that needs to be dealt with, because it’s bugging you. And start going inside and digging in that. And, you know, the way I do it I literally like, I literally, I feel where it’s happening. So if there’s anger, you feel it in your body? Where is it in the stomach? In your heart? Where is it? You feel tense in your chest? Where is it? If you’re in the neck, in your head? Once you become aware of it, then it loses its power over you. Because then you’re like, Ah, I see it. We’re like computer programs. If this happens, then we react that way. If then, if then, If This Then That. We can kind of decode ourselves. Once we start doing that, once we start realizing how programmable we are. Right? 

That was one section of the points I wanted to make and I’m satisfied I’ve made it. So I’m going to continue to point two because it’s about building your business. I had a guy on LinkedIn, this week, contact me, he sent me a message. And he was like, hey, I need you to help me. I need your help. I want to be a voice artist. And I was honest I said okay, well, do you have a budget? Because I thought, Okay, well, this guy is just cutting to the chase. He hasn’t asked me, I don’t even know him. He’s just random. I mean, that was the first message he said, “I want to, I need your help. I need to be a voice artist. I want to be a voice artist. I have to make money.” And I was like okay, well, How serious are you about this? And I’m not a coach. I’m not gonna coach you. I don’t have time for that. But I could point you in the right direction. Because I spent money to learn the skills that I did. And then of course, I said okay, so what’s your budget? He goes, actually, I have no budget. Surprised surprise, right? And you’ll be listening to me now because I said just listen to my podcast. And is probably not even gonna listen to the podcast. It’s gonna ask the next guy like this some kind of freaking magic button, you push and say, you know, just just tell me how you do this secret success. There’s no secret. There’s no secret guys. The formula is the same. What you do is you have to learn the skill set. So if you want to, I don’t know be a surgeon, you got to go to medical school. Before that you need to do your A levels or highs, whatever to get into medical school. Do the interviews. Then after all that you do in medical school, and then you become one, then you practice for God knows how many years and then you go into surgery and start practicing that and training that. How many years is that taking? Now, the same thing happens to any skill set, you’re not born with, there’ll be things that you’re probably more natural at dealing with and better at dealing with but it’s that you have a more natural ability with, and you are more comfortable with, but it won’t be. It won’t be something that you just know. Like, you have to spend time, there’s no secret. Every athlete, every person who’s achieved anything has worked on it, has put their time in. And they built the skills over time. And then the skills is just one side, once you’ve got the skills, then you have to figure out how to get clients and customers. So, if you want to make money, then I think you’re looking at it wrong. 

Question is, what do you want that money to do for you? Right? What is it, that money is going to give you? My point is, I think you’re chasing the wrong thing. Maybe you want to pay your medical bills, right? Maybe that’s what it is. Maybe you’re trying to avoid robbing a bank, and you’re desperate. Unfortunately, guys, it’s not gonna happen that quick. It takes years to build these skills. And this is why most people don’t bother. I stumbled across this because I was already doing this stuff for years. And then finally, something clicked on like, Oh, my gosh, I can actually, I’ve been doing voiceover for years already. And I can just, this is why I can you know, I can make decent money out of this. People like my voice. So momentum was building, like in his tune, beat to the drum. The beat. I like this. It’s quite inspiring, right? And the music actually influences. Why say, that’s why I try and put these positive bits in. So that’s pretty much it. It comes down to build your skills, learn some skills, build them. Turn it into a service. How do you turn them into a service? Well, you look at other people already doing that. You copy them. You want to be a voice artist, look at what I’m doing and copy me. Right? And then you market it. What does that mean? Means you tell people what you do. This is the service I offer. This is how much I charge. If you don’t know how much to charge, go figure out your prices. Right? There’s a lot of learning. So it’s for people who are hungry to learn. If you’re asking other people how to do something, then you’re not hungry enough. Because all the information is on YouTube. Everything you need to know. The best coaches are giving it away for free. You know why? Because nobody listens to the advice. They giving it away. And I’ve seen people I’ve advised, people like Hey, hey, Amrit what do you think? What can you advise me on this? Blah, blah, blah. And I’ve been doing this professionally since last January. I’ve done probably a thousands of scripts since then, and hundreds of thousands of words I’ve read. You know, you need to invest in yourself so that you’re continually improving. So initially, I’d say the first five years is about you growing yourself. You investing in yourself. Well actually, the first five years is you figuring out what the heck you actually enjoy. Right? And then then you if you like it, then get some lessons to start investing in yourself. A coach is not going to magically set your business up. A coach is there just to guide you. The coach will guide you. The coach won’t do the work for you. The coach will tell you what to do, you still have to do it. If it’s a good coach, if you just follow what they say and you’re ready, then you’ll be successful. I know my coach he says this, people who just, they’re not making any money because they’re not doing anything to improve. They just coming up with excuses every, every however often he meets them.And it’s like they’re spending, I don’t know, $500 a month from getting this coaching stuff done. And then they’re going to complain about how it hasn’t worked for them, but then they’re not putting the time in. It’s funny.So that’s pretty much it. I mean, build your business skills, turn it into a service and then market it and tell other people about it. That’s it. That’s how you build a business online. Obviously it’s more detail on that, but you got to figure out I’m not here to tell you. I can’t make a business for you. You have to do that on your own. You have to find your path and go down your own journey because the aim isn’t to make money guys. The aim is to have fun. To do what you love. To get experience. And, you know, as I said, I think this week I said, in life, we get experience. You can’t lose this game called life because we’re always getting experienced. We’re always experiencing and that’s the whole purpose is to experience. That’s the only thing we can do, anything we can go away with and take away with us are not the things, are not money. It’s experience. 

Okay. So, I’ve covered so many topics, a couple of topics, a lot of things. On a personal note, I don’t know if I mentioned this, but last month I had a good month, not my highest month. It’s the first time I’ve dropped because I’ve been increasing, month from month, from January to August, I was just increasing and increasing and increasing. And then for my highest month I took  like a 25% drop, which is still a lot, so decent money. Well, this month so far, it’s looking quite strong. So marketing strategy is quite simple. We go online. We look for maybe video production companies, whoever that we’re looking for, we go to their websites, we reach out to them. If there’s an email address, send them some samples of my work and say, Hey, you’re looking for anyone. That’s pretty much it. Connect to them on social media if you can. And just keep posting in your videos. I get videos from my clients every so often. The only trouble is some of them are internal, are not allowed to be used. Like the carphone warehouse, I wouldn’t be able to share that because it was like an internal thing. I couldn’t share that publicly, wouldn’t feel right about that.

I had a heavy session this week. Oh my gosh. Not in exercise but in drinking. My cousin came over and I don’t know how much we drank. It was mainly wine, sort of a beer and wine, slippery slope wine. And I was hung over the next day. I had a bunch of orders, actually the next day I think it was fairly quiet, just a few orders. Interesting doing this job. Hungover is difficult. You have to manage that. You can’t really, you can’t perform if you’ve been drinking. Makes your mouth dry and then you need the energy to do it, so interesting. It’s OK drinking every so often, but at the moment, I can’t seem to switch it off. So it’s like either I don’t drink or I just don’t even. I can’t drink that much anyway, but the point is I don’t want to drink excessively. I took my tea here and water. Beer and wine, those are my weaknesses. I talked with my cousin, so it was nice. It’s starting to get dark. It’s nice going from walks with my wife. There’s a new Wagamama restaurant opening near me which is like, I am a proper foodie. So I’m looking forward to that. One of the benefits of having extra income is I can go to restaurants now as much as I want. We’ve got the budget for it. So wonderful, cause it’s all extra money you see. Because I didn’t just run this business. I run another business, a real estate business but voiceover is what I spend most of my time on now. I do have an audio book to finish. Oh my gosh. These audio books, they really do just take up so much energy and just suck the life out of us. I’ve only got 60,000 words left, that is a lot. I kept falling asleep thinking about it. It’s an interesting book, but it’s a long book. 

All right guys well, I’m going to wrap this up because I’ve kind of covered everything that I wanted to cover this week. Oh, there is a golden nugget. There is a golden nugget. I forgot to mention. I was speaking to my coach about this the other day and I was making notes. I said, what did you say? I’ll share them. He goes “No, no, you can’t share that.” It’s so funny cause he’s got his own podcast. It’s the same stuff we discuss. Obviously he says it his way and I say my way. Similar topics. Cause he coaches quite a few people and he said, “You know what it comes down to business, is are you willing to fail more than others?” That’s what it actually comes down to. You know, how many times are you willing to fail to succeed? That’s what it comes down to. It’s a numbers game. Business, sales, marketing, it’s all a numbers game. And most people cannot get through the whole process. The numbers, they can’t make the calls. They can’t do the marketing and get the rejections. They want the business to come to them, which is fine, but not if you’re starting off. So the biggest question is how do you start off? Well, you need a good example of your stuff. You need to build up reviews. You need to get on every site that you can to get freelance work. You need to strive for excellence. You need to keep improving each time. And you need to be obsessive and there needs to be something driving you. It could be the fact that you got a £50,000 medical bill. But in this industry, it’s not going to happen overnight or any industry. So you need to plan this. Maybe you’re going to have the £50,000 medical bills or dollars, whatever. The things that drove me were the fact that I knew that life got so boring and I was kind of lost. I was bored out of my head, just running the other business. I needed something else. I needed something creative to keep my sanity. And I needed to make some more money because I wasn’t earning enough from the other business. These two businesses are perfect for me. I wouldn’t have any others. How many times are you willing to fail to succeed? I tried so many things, guys. I tried fricking painting. I tried then making the frames for the paintings. Not painting to decorate but art to painting. Sculpting, which is the art side. I was trying to compose music. I started a Facebook marketing business. I tried so many vendors. Before then it was Google ranking on YouTube. Before that there was video marketing, just fricking tried so many things. And that’s what you have to be like. You have to keep trying things and really it comes down to what do you enjoy and what works for you and your life? The only thing that worked for me was voice because it was creative. It ticked all the boxes to me, it was creative. I could do it at home. With filming I had to go out, which wasn’t going to work because I had kids. You know, I failed a lot. I failed a lot. Yes I did my real estate stuff on the side. I’ve tried so many things and it’s like, eventually something will work. Eventually something will work. So just keep going for it. If it’s your desire, if  it’s your wish, see, I couldn’t work for someone else. It was just like, I felt suffocated. I didn’t want to report to a boss. I didn’t like it. I had to do my own business somehow.  You don’t need a multi, big corporation. Jesus you don’t even want that kind of headache, managing so many people. You can end up working for them. It’s something that you can build up. Something that’s sustainable for you and you can work. But the main thing is it’s a journey and you just gotta take the steps, keep moving forward, keep striving, keep yearning. If you’re uncomfortable, uneasy, use that. If you’re having panic attacks, if you’re nervous, if you’re angry working for someone else use that. Use all the energies that you can to get off your butt. To get off the sofa. To do the time in. To go to your day job and do the stuff after you’ve done the chores. If you’ve got kids after you’ve fed them and spent time with your other half, and then you’ve been another shift into what you love, right? You can do it in bed. Whatever it is that you love, just do it. And then you think, Okay, well, how do I make money out of this? Well you look at other people who aren’t doing just that. Look at other people who are making money out of it. And then you’ll see you just copy them. And then it comes down to, like I said, learning how to market yourself, which is a whole different skillset. So you’ve got to invest in yourself and then you’ve got to also struck, you know, keep improving your skills. So it means usually you need to pay for a teacher. But at least you’re doing what you love.

If you chase the money, you’re going to fail. I mean, If you just chase the money, you’re going to waste your time. And you’re going to be unsatisfied and you’re going to be like, you know what the heck. I’ve got friends who are doing jobs and they can’t leave the city. I spoke to another friend yesterday. I went for a walk with him and he’s like, Hey, I can’t afford to leave the city. I hate it. I can’t afford to leave it. And I was like, what do you enjoy doing? He goes, actually I enjoy teaching. I was like, well, brilliant, because we’re paying like £65 an hour to have my son go for economics in tuition in his A level. £65 an hour. And I thought that was expensive. When I went online, people were charging 80 to a hundred pounds an hour, and I thought £65, yeah, I’ll take that. The point is there’s so many ways to make money online. And you can do what you love. You could do it now. You don’t have to wait until you’ve left your job. My thing is don’t rely just on one skill set. The world that we live in now, it’s changing. You need multiple skill sets. You can’t just have one. You could lose your job guys, then what you’re going to do, you’re going to land flat on your face and say, Oh, you know what, sh*t I should have done that. No, you need to hedge your bets now. And learn the skills now so that you can start earning now. So if you want to make some money and if it’s your dream and teaching kids how to do A levels or something, or you know, teaching is always a good one because people always invest in their kids to learn, with the study. So tuition, you need to learn those curriculums and you need to get good at those exams. So then you can start teaching people, right? So that’s my advice. It’s the only way. That you can spread the risk. You don’t have all your eggs in one basket. You spread the risk. 

Anyway, that’s enough. That really is enough. I’ve gone through all of my notes. Yeah, I’m done. I don’t know what I’m going to talk about next week. I didn’t know what I was going to talk about this week or the week before we always come up with interesting content and it’s like, you know, I’m just journaling my kind of journey and I’m sharing my experience so much stuff happens during the week. Anyway, I’m going to go, I’m going to call it a day. Call at night. Until next week. Oh, wait, one last thing. So these podcasts we annotate, we’re rescripting and putting them on our website as well. So a lot of work, not that much it’s all automated, but yeah, somebody goes through this with me and double checks. Anyway, I’m tired now. I really am going to go. All right guys, until next week. Hope you enjoyed the show. Cheers. Bye .