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Quick Guide to Writing an Amazing Business Presentation Script

Many of you may assume that business presentations are boring and dull, but that is only because most people do not know how to write good business presentations. You can make any business presentation engaging as long as you know what you’re doing. 

Now you’re probably thinking: How do I write an interesting business presentation script? Here’s a quick guide full of tips that you can use to create an excellent script for your business presentation. 

Preparing for Your Business Presentation Script:

Before we actually get into writing your business presentation script, you need to start with the preparation. Preparing accordingly will help you create a “guide” that will direct you into exactly what kind of presentation you want to make. So, here are some questions you need to answer first:

Who Are You Speaking to?

First, think about your audience – who exactly are you speaking to? This will help you determine your tone of voice, what slang you should use, etc. That way, you can fully engage your audience, and more importantly, help them better understand you and your message. 

For instance, let’s say that your presentation will be presented to an audience of mostly millennial men and women. Your presentation will likely be more casual, somewhat conversational. You want to avoid sounding like you are lecturing them, instead opting for a more relatable, light-hearted tone.

To make it easier, you can also try to envision your audience into one character. Let’s say that you’re talking to Jeff, a 33-year old millennial who works in the corporate world. Pretend that Jeff is your friend, and think about what language you would use to speak to him. You wouldn’t want to lecture or bore Jeff – you’d want to engage him in a productive conversation.

What’s Your Goal?

After you know who you are talking to, the next question is: what is your goal? What’s the point of your presentation? What impression or message do you want your audience to remember when the presentation is over? This will help you learn what you should focus on speaking about in your script. 

Let’s say that your goal is to talk about eco-friendly business solutions. Focus on points that emphasize why we need to focus on more eco-friendly alternatives, what problems we face if we ignore the environment. Once you got their attention to the problems, start to address the solutions they can use, quickly reiterating your points at the end of the presentation. 

What’s the Context?

Consider what the context of your business presentation will be. This step seems pretty small, but it will help you better get your point across. Are you creating a presentation for a topic that only you will be doing that day? Or, will you be one of the multiple speakers talking about the same topic, meaning you will need to avoid reiterating what the other speakers will say?

How Many People Will You Be Presenting to?

Another huge factor to consider is how many people will listen to your business presentation. It will not necessarily change your message, but you will have to tweak your presenting style. You can’t create the same presentation for an audience of 1000 people if it was originally meant for 10 people. 

Speaking to an audience of five or fewer people means you can see if they are following, especially if they are in the same demographic, making your script easier to write. You may need to be slower and emphasize your points more if it is a huge crowd, especially if they come from different backgrounds, ages, etc. 

Of course, using a talented voice artist who can speak clearly to perform your script will be easier for your audience to absorb. You can hire a voice actor to record your script, and you can use that for your presentation. This option is extremely beneficial for those who get anxious about speaking in front of others. 

How Long Should Your Presentation be?

The length of your presentation will dictate two things. Of course, it will first determine how many words you should use for your script for you or your presenter to comfortably say. However, it will also tell you how you will write your business presentation script. If you are making a 10-minute presentation, then you need to reach the point immediately and be clear.

Do You Have Extra Tools Available?

You may not need an extremely in-depth script depending on what tools you have on hand. For instance, let’s say that you have a projector – you can play videos, a slideshow, etc., to help you better get your point across. That way, your audience will be auditorily and visually stimulated, making them more engaged. 

What Impression Do You Want to Leave as a Presenter?

Finally, think about what type of presenter you want to be. Ideally, sticking true to your own personality is the best way to create a business presentation script. Choosing a voice that is naturally yours will help you better deliver your script. Of course, that would only change if you choose to hire a voice actor. 

Tips to Write a Business Presentation Script:

Now that we’ve addressed the important questions, your script will practically write itself. Of course, you can definitely benefit from a few extra tips. Here are a few you ought to keep in mind.

Do Not Go Overboard

Writing an engaging speech does not mean you have to use hyperbole or any huge comparisons or statements. In fact, that may make your audience distrust your words. Instead, be honest and straightforward with short sentences and simple words. Not only will your audience better understand you, but they will also be more willing to listen if it sounds like the truth.

Keep It Relevant

You need to keep your writing 100% relevant to your point. Deviating from your point can make your audience confused and distracted, lessening the impact of your message. Try to avoid unnecessary comparisons, unrelated facts, etc., to help your audience follow your script. 

Always Double-Check Your Writing

While you need to follow this tip after you finish your script, it is an absolute must that you double-check your writing before presenting your script. Even the smallest grammatical error can turn an audience off from listening to your presentation. Mistakes are often seen as unprofessional, so do not forget to go over your script a few times.

Do you have any excellent tips to help people write better business presentation scripts? Feel free to share yours in the comment section below.