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Why Voice Overs Are Important for Marketing During the Pandemic

The pandemic changed a lot of things in our lives, forcing us to change and adapt to new conditions. Surprisingly, it also urged marketers to change their techniques to keep up with the current world. However, voice-overs will truly last the test of time, especially during these uncertain times. Here is why you should use voice-overs for marketing during and post-pandemic.  

How Voice-Overs Are Effective for Marketing in the Pandemic

Marketers need to strategize their next move, and with uncertain climates, it can be difficult for them. Luckily, marketers used voice-overs to their advantage during the pandemic. Here are some examples of why voice-overs can make a huge difference.

The Voice-Over Industry Boomed During the Pandemic

The voice-over industry always had a strong presence in the marketing and media world. However, it is an industry that further boomed during the pandemic. All forms of businesses needed to find new ways to market themselves, and voice-overs are a great way to connect to people.

Think about it: it was hard for people to film commercials during the pandemic. Sets were nearly impossible to set up because of the risk of infection. On the other hand, voice-over talents do not have to be on set, especially if they have their own dedicated recording studio like me. Therefore, safety gets prioritized and marketers and businesses get the media that they need.

Professional Presentations

Most of the meetings, presentations, etc., were moved to a digital platform like Zoom, but not all people are excited about it. Not everyone has the best set-up at home nor would they be comfortable doing presentations. They may have unstable internet connections or are simply too shy to speak to a group of people, even if it is through the computer. Luckily, voice actors can help you there.

You can create a script for your voice actor to follow, and they can handle the presentation from there. They can make a clean recording that you can play over a video, slideshow, and the like to show to your audience. That way, you get a clear and concise message without stressing yourself out.

Digital World

A huge change that we noticed in the pandemic is how everything went digital. While the world was already quite tech-savvy, the need for technology grew immensely within a few months. Everyone started working online, ordering from shops like Amazon, etc. Moreover, marketers had to shift their advertising methods into the digital world, which often involved voice-overs.

Easy to Follow

A huge benefit to voice-overs is how easy they are to follow. While everything is digital, that does not mean your target audience wants to read everything all the time. Voice overs are great because the right voice actor can easily communicate with your listeners, giving them everything they need to know. 

Moreover, listening to someone speak is often more engaging than reading. Most people like to listen to things more than reading, and certain audiences may be more receptive to someone speaking. You can also make it great for both audio and visual learners by using a voice actor to speak while having subtitles and visual cues in a video. 

It is crucial to remember that consumers are hungry for content. While they do want and need more content, that does not mean you should churn out content without making sure it is engaging. By adding a voice-over to your content, you can make it easier and more enjoyable for your audience to consume your content. 

Voice overs are also more engaging for your listeners, especially if you hire the right voice actor. Voice actors quite literally bring your words to life, adding emotion and impact. The right voice can make your words grab attention and move hearts, which are impressions you want to leave on your audience.

It’s Quick to Find Talent

Remember how I mentioned earlier that voice-overs were more in demand than ever thanks to the pandemic? Well, luckily it means that you will find it pretty easy to find seasoned voice talents. For instance, my business soared and I gained even more experience during the pandemic thanks to the boom in orders. All of these orders gave me the experience that I needed, helping me get four award nominations in the One Voice Awards 2021.

However, that does not mean you should hire the first voice actor that you see. Not all voice actors will have the same experience and talent level, so you need to vet them carefully. Did they get actual voice coaching and acting lessons? Do they have the right tone and delivery that you need for your script? You can check out my article below, “Things You Need to Know Before Hiring a Voice Actor,” for tips and a checklist to help you hire the right voice artist.


The great thing about voice-overs is that you can use them in more than one place. Just because you use the recording for one video does not mean that you have to stop there. For instance, let’s say that you need a voice-over for a commercial. You can reuse that voice-over in another advertisement for the same product, like in a radio ad. 

Most of the time, you will likely just have to pay for more rights by asking the voice actor for licensing rights  (like commercial rights, national broadcast rights, etc.). Luckily, paying for these rights can be a great deal, as you can use one or several recordings from your voice actor and reuse them as you please. 

Will Voice-Overs Be Effective for Marketing Post-Pandemic?

Voice-overs will definitely be an effective form of marketing after the pandemic. Voice-overs were very popular before the pandemic and had a significant boom during the pandemic. People still need voice actors to narrate and explain videos, perform announcements, etc., so voice actors will be a must for media companies for a very long time. 

Overall, voice-overs are a versatile and effective way to market your business. They were crucial to use before the pandemic, and the demand for voice-overs boomed during the pandemic. However, it will definitely not lose its importance post-pandemic, so grabbing yourself a few voice-over recordings for your business will definitely be a great way to market your business.