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Why You Should Use Voice-Overs to Promote Your Business

Advertising is a key way to generate more revenue for your company. One of the best ways to amp up your marketing game is by adding voice-overs to some of your advertising methods. To help you learn more, here’s why voice-overs help you advertise your business.

Why You Should Choose Voice-Overs for Advertising

Voice-overs are one of the best ways to truly complete a video for advertising. Imagine a gorgeous video showcasing your products and/or services without sound. 

While it may be visually appealing, it will not capture your audience’s attention because there is no sound. Music can be a great touch, but you want your audience to have something to follow as they watch your video.

Plus, there is research to back this all up. According to said research, there was an advertisement in China that initially did weakly. They added a voice-over to it to share what the product can offer, and there was a 53% increase in understanding the intended message. They tweaked the video again to make it more dynamic, totaling an 80% increase in around 6 months.

The study also found how changes in voice-over greatly impacted a brand for personal care products. They had two versions for the ad using the same end frame. However, the difference was one version had a voiceover that said, “developed with experts.” The version with the voiceover delivered the message significantly better than the version without one.

Natural Storytellers

Voice actors are natural storytellers, who bring life and depth into your advertisements. Pleasant visuals are always great to see, but they can be a bit dull when the audience does not hear anything. Storytelling bridges a gap between you and your audience,  giving you the connection that you need with them.

It is human to want to listen and tell stories. Since the dawn of time, we have been sharing stories with each other, which get passed down to the following generations. So naturally, our interests are piqued when we believe that someone is sharing a story with us, which a voice artist can do for your business. 

Voice actors are more certainly actors. Using our voices, we create characters for your needs. We add emotion and life into stories, helping convey feelings and messages to your audiences. To tell stories, you need characters to share with people, and voice artists can do exactly that.

Emotions Grab People’s Attention

Moreover, voice actors help your audience better understand your message. Audio cues can help emphasize visual cues, making your advertising efforts more effective and worthwhile. By directly saying to your audience what they should know, you make the message more digestible.

But as mentioned earlier, voice actors can convey emotions to your audiences by using their voices. Emotions can really sell your business because people love to relate and be moved by stories. When your voice actor uses the right tone for your script, it can completely change a dull video into an attention-grabbing one. 

Convince People to Listen and Purchase

In advertising, you need to understand that people may not care about your product/service right away. You can show them what you have to offer, but what will make you convince them to buy it? A voice actor tells your audience exactly why they should care about your product/service.

Showing what your products and service can or cannot do will not necessarily convince your audience that they should do business with you. What a voice actor can do is talk about how your company aims to make their lives simpler and easier. A voice artist will tell them how your business can make them become better people.  

For instance, let’s say that you made a commercial without a voice-over to promote a new vacuum cleaner. Sure, it works, but how will you convince people to buy your specific vacuum cleaner? Creating a script and having a voice actor narrate it will help convince your listeners why they should get your product

Make Sure Your Script Is Up to Par

You can have the best voice actor in the world, but you need to make sure you got the right script for the job. Take some time to research your target market to learn more about them. A script that is not suitable for your target market can be completely lost, wasting your time and effort. 

For example, let’s say that you created painkillers to treat headaches in Central Asian markets, and you decided to make an ad that shows what happens before and after you take the painkiller. For that ad, you decided to use two photos for the before and after, the “before” on the left side and the “after” on the right. However, those markets usually read from right to left, so the advertisement would leave them confused. 

So, you need to look into what your audience knows, likes, dislikes, and more before you write a script. Are you having trouble with writing a voice-over script? Check out my other article, How to Write a Voice-Over Script: Top 15 Things You Should Know, to get some useful tips.

Do you know any other examples of why people should hire voice actors for their advertisements? Share them in the comment section below.