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Why Your Commercial Needs a Pro Voice Actor

There is no doubt that there are a lot of talented newbies in the voice-acting industry. However, that does not mean that all budding voice actors are cut out for the job, especially for something as big as a commercial. So, hiring a professional voice actor is your best bet. 

Not convinced yet? Here are some good reasons hiring a pro voice artist is better for your commercial.

Real Acting Skills

Voice actors are called actors for a reason. They are doing more than simply reading out a script – they are acting. Anyone can read a script, but not everyone can do a voice-over. Even if they are simply narrating a commercial, they need to step into a specific personality to suit the read. 

Many professionals, including myself, have gotten acting lessons to hone their skills. These lessons should never be overlooked since it gives the actors knowledge on how to get into character and convey the character through their voices. Newbies typically do not have access to lessons or haven’t had many, so they may lack the training to play the character that clients need.

Script interpretation skills are also important. Whether your voice actor got them from lessons or experience, they are crucial to have. Script interpretation helps people understand the subtle nuances and notes that are in a script, and they can bring them to life in the actual read. 

More Experience Working on Set

Seasoned voice actors know how to work their way around a set. They know exactly how to set up their equipment, how to edit a read, etc. So, you do not have to worry about your voice actor dawdling around. Most pros can get your reads done with minimal to no error.

Moreover, pros usually perform faster reads. Since professional voice actors are used to doing their jobs, reading most scripts (even technical ones) feels like second nature for them. For me, I’ll quickly read the script, then get in front of the mic instantly. 

Since I’ve been doing this for ages, I can read most scripts quickly once I know what I need to do. For instance, a quick 1-minute read takes me around 10-15 minutes, and that often includes editing time. 

Pros Know What You Need

Briefing your voice actor should be the norm, whether they are newbies or pros. Briefing a voice actor will help them learn exactly what you want from them. However, briefing an experienced voice artist will be a lot quicker than a newbie.

Let’s say that you want a dynamic narration for your commercial. A professional voice actor can offer you a variety of “voices” or “characters” to choose from. That way, you can just pick which one best suits your commercial.

Another example is that you got your read back from your voice actor. Your voice actor narrated it in the voice style that you want, but it seems a bit slow. From there, you can tell your voice actor to speed it up, which a pro can easily do. 

Check out my article, Briefing Your Voice Actor: What You Should Know, to learn more about how to brief a voice actor. 

Better Equipment

A professional voice artist will likely have a home studio, meaning that they have invested in the best equipment possible. Newbies may only have the basics, like a mic, editing software, a bit of soundproofing, etc. In some cases, new voice actors may have to go to a rented space to do a read. 

Another perk to having a professional voice actor with a home studio is that they can record your read anytime you need it. For instance, I have a personal recording booth in my house called the WhisperRooom, which is soundproof. I also have acoustic sound panels installed, allowing the voice to have depth. 

Other than the recording booth, I have also invested in my equipment. My studio has BBC=approved equipment, from the best editing software to my microphones.

Overall Better Engagement

A professional voice actor will deliver your read efficiently and well, thanks to all the things mentioned above. A captivating voice will grab people’s attention, enhancing a person’s overall audio experience. Therefore, they will help engage your audience more during your commercial. 

Engagement is everything when it comes to a commercial – you want people to pay attention to your commercial, right? So, you should avoid skimping on a voice actor. A voice artist can make or break your commercial, so investing in a seasoned professional for your job is the way to go.

Did you think of any other ways a professional voice artist can benefit commercials? Type them out in the comments below!